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Our Staff

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Chief Executive Officer

Stan Collins, RCE
(614) 475-4000 ext:235

Director of Executive Services

Kathy Elliott
(614) 475-4000 ext:233

Vice President of Government Affairs

Brent Swander, RCE
(614) 475-4000 ext:252

Director of Development

Ida Seitter
(614) 475-4000 ext:247

Administrative Services

Senior Vice President

Corey Skinner, RCE
(614) 475-4000 ext:239

Senior Accounting Assistant

Tammy Foor
(614) 475-4000 ext:254

Accounting Assistant

Tammy Freck           
(614) 475-4000 ext:212


Tracy McCloud
(614) 475 -4000 ext:256

Administrative Assistant

Janet Pareja
(614) 475 -4000 ext:228


Membership Coordinator

Brandi Mrugacz
(614) 475-4000 ext:255

Member Service Center Coordinator

Sade Noble
(614) 475-4000 ext:230


Membership Assistant

Staci Linnabary
(614) 475-4000 ext:253

Key Box

Keybox Administrator

Samuel Brody-Boyd
(614) 475-4000 ext:282


Director of Communication

Marqué Bressler-Preininger, e-Pro
(614) 475-4000 ext:236

Assistant Director of Communication

Lynn Hackworth
(614) 475-4000 ext:248

Marketing Communication Specialist / Young Professional Network Liaison

Halie Rogers           
(614) 475-4000 ext:251

Professional Development

Director of Professional Development

Kelly Bright
(614) 475-4000 ext:211


Administrative Assistant

Karen Sobotka
(614) 475-4000 ext:246

Print Shop

Manager of Printing Services

George Van Fossen
(614) 475-4000 ext:226

Graphic Design Coordinator

Jessica Cea
(614) 475-4000 ext:227


Director of MLS

Bryan Dean
(614) 475-4000 ext:222

MLS Assistant

Lynnette Broom
(614) 475-4000 ext:249

Senior Trainer/Systems Analyst

Matt Warren
(614) 475-4000 ext:281

MLS Technical Support/Asst. Trainer

Colin Finan
(614) 475-4000 ext:276

MLS Technical Support

Aaron Guminey
(614) 475-4000 ext:275


MLS Technical Support

Jason Tschopp
(614) 475-4000 ext:274


MLS Policy Compliance Administrator

Karen Thompson
(614) 475-4000 ext:270



MLS Technical Support

James Schmelzer
(614) 475-4000 ext:273