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Stan Collins, CEO, Columbus REALTORS®

Catylist’s Commercial CIE Network Is Taking Off!

As we end third quarter 2019, Columbus REALTORS® is excited to share that we’ve been collaborating with the other REALTOR® associations across Ohio to maximize what is now a statewide network of commercial information exchanges. As of this week, every metro area in Ohio has officially become part of Catylist. 

Raising the bar of professionalism and the NAR C2EX program

Over the past year, Columbus REALTORS® Raise the Bar Task Force has been finding ways our association and our members can help raise the bar of professionalism in the industry. Getting more members aware of and participating in NAR’s Commitment to Excellence (C2EX) program, which explores professionalism and its application to professional life, helps fulfill that mission.

You Must Be Able to Prove You Presented Every Offer

Article 1 of NAR's Code of Ethics is the single most often cited article in ethics complaints filed with your local REALTOR association. Article 1 clearly describes the REALTOR'S® obligation to protect and promote the interests of their client, as well as the obligation to treat all parties honestly. 

Question & Answers from this week’s Broker Forum

Thirty five brokers and managers attended the Broker/Manager Forum on August 22nd to hear a panel discussion of best practices for multiple offer situations, contemporaneous offers, disclosures required by FIRPTA, and to hear an update on cyber fraud security measures.  The panel, moderated by past president Charlotte Van Steyn, included Bob Kutschbach, Andrew Show, Stacy McVey, Joe Barone, and Vice-President for Government Affairs Brent Swander.

Can You Prove You Presented That Offer?

Article 1 is the single most often cited article from NAR's Code of Ethics in ethics complaints filed with your local REALTOR® association. It clearly lays out the REALTOR'S® pledge to protect and promote the interests of their client as well as their obligation to treat all parties honestly.  The Code of Ethics goes on to say that offers and counter-offers must be presented objectively and as quickly as possible, and that the listing REALTOR® must continue to present offers and counter-offers until closing unless the seller has waived this obligation in writing.

Guidance for Showings in Today's Hot Market

The Columbus real estate market is hot!  According to the recent TenX study of “healthy markets”, which is based on population and job growth, unemployment, wage growth, inventory and construction activity, Columbus ranks third behind only Tampa and Dallas.  Yes, our market is so “healthy” that we’re experiencing a lot of concurrent showings, where two, three or even more REALTORS® may be showing buyers through the same property at the same time.

Your on-line forms options from Columbus REALTORS®

This article provides a brief financial comparison between Columbus REALTORS® three forms vendors - Forms R Us, DotLoop and zipLogix.  

A New REALTOR® Ombudsman Program

Columbus REALTORS® has recently implemented a new volunteer Ombudsman mediation program created to address inter-REALTOR® conflict and minor complaints from the public.