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Columbus Neighborhood DVDs

Columbus Neighborhoods Set (6 DVDs)


WOSU Public Media presents Columbus Neighborhoods. Celebrate the different neighborhoods that make up Columbus, Ohio!  

This 6-DVD set is comprised of the Short North, King Lincoln, German Village, University District, Downtown-Franklinton, and Olde Towne East neighborhoods that are each on a 59-minute each DVD and also includes bonus features.

Columbus Neighborhoods - Short North DVD


The story of one of the city’s most vibrant and exciting neighborhoods includes the tale of the arches, the rise—and abrupt fall—of Union Station, an incredible reunion of Civil War soldiers, the transformation of a tough, gritty neighborhood to an arts district, and the emergence of local festivals and traditions that have become part of the Short North’s character. This program includes Harrison West, Victorian Village, Italian Village, and Flytown.

DVD is 59 minutes with bonus extras including maps, a slideshow of remarkable buildings and a brief description of their history, and a Flytown reunion feature.

Columbus Neighborhoods - German Village DVD


One of the nation’s early and most successful urban revitalization campaigns, this charming and vital neighborhood was once home to working-class German immigrants. Now its brick streets, beautiful gardens, and delightful architecture are hallmarks of one of the country’s most prestigious urban addresses. (This program includes The Brewery District, Merion Village, and Schumacher Place.)

59 minute DVD with bonus extras includes maps, photographs of German Village homes.

Columbus Neighborhoods - South Side


Once an industrial powerhouse, the South Side’s “Steel and Glass” heritage is still honored by the people who live there today. In a neighborhood created by everyone from Appalachian migrants to Hungarian immigrants, it remains a place of strength, diversity and resolve.

Runtime: 59 minutes with bonus extras

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Columbus Neighborhoods - Tri-Village


Although connected through history, Grandview Heights, Marble Cliff and Upper Arlington have evolved into three unique communities; a tribute to the legacies of those leaders and dreamers who collectively made Tri-Village what it is today.

Runtime: 59 minutes with bonus extras

Columbus Neighborhoods - Clintonville


Clintonville has had rollercoasters and streetcars rumble through its land, but has retained its quaint charms and natural ties. Coming soon. This is a preorder for Columbus Neighborhoods: Clintonville.

Runtime: 59 minutes with bonus extras

Columbus Neighborhoods - Bexley DVD


In the countryside east of Columbus at the turn of the century, two communities joined to form a village that takes its name from a London borough. Learn about life in the largest Jewish neighborhood in central Ohio, a grassroots effort to save the Drexel Theatre, Bexley’s commitment to schools, and explore the natural beauty of the only municipality to be designated an arboretum.

Runtime: 59 minutes with bonus extras

Columbus Neighborhoods - Worthington DVD


A library, a c hurch and a school. Those three institutions were created in Worthington long before any of the founding fathers from New England stepped foot in Ohio. And through pionoeer hardships, economic depressions and world wars, the citizens of Worthington have held fast to the principles of fellowship and lifelong learning. Its's a story of determination in ths picture-postcard town.

One DVD. 59 minutes with bonus features.

Columbus Neighborhoods - University District DVD


Town meets gown in this urban area encompassing the neighborhoods around The Ohio State University. The Old North was the first neighborhood here, and a series of remarkable transformations has seen this area change from farm to campus to streetcar suburbs to a center of education, recreation, and culture. The most densely populated area in Columbus, the University District is also the location of nearly 650 businesses, churches, schools, and social agencies.

59 minute DVD.

Columbus Neighborhoods - Olde Towne East DVD


Bankers, barons and brewers have called it home. A recently revitalized area grew out of one of Columbus’ oldest streetcar neighborhoods where aristocrats, governors and captains of industry once resided. 

The documentary looks at the varied architectural history that can still be seen today in Olde Towne East with ornately crafted homes that belonged to renowned residents including writer and cartoonist, James Thurber; a pioneer in the Realist painting movement, George Bellows; founder of the NFL, Joe Carr; the brewing family, the Hosters; and the Lazarus family.

59 minute DVD

Columbus Neighborhoods - King Lincoln DVD


Once the cultural and commercial heart of Columbus for African Americans, this neighborhood is poised for rebirth. The restoration of the Lincoln Theatre allows the space to join the King Arts Complex in shaping and developing this historic neighborhood. King-Lincoln still echoes with the joyous sounds of the storied musicians who played its clubs and theaters and the din of bustling streets lined with thriving businesses. (This program includes Mt. Vernon and the Discovery District.)

59 minute DVD with bonus extras including a feature on creating the soundtrack, an archive interview with artist Aminah Robinson.

Columbus Neighborhoods - Downtown-Franklinton DVD


Columbus’s historical roots are firmly planted in Franklinton, Central Ohio’s first settlement, and the downtown area, the seat of state government. It’s the story of determined pioneers, devastating floods, a vision for a state capital rising from higher ground, and flourishing theatres, churches, businesses, and government buildings. This program includes Town/Franklin, and, because of its significance, Camp Chase.

59 minute DVD with bonus extras.

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