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Flag Lapel Pin


American Flag pin. Enamel finish

Vinyl Contract Envelopes


These oversized envelopes are large enough to hold Legal Closing Documents, Real Estate Forms, Loan Documents, Title Envelopes and all other types of important client documents. Available in red, blue, white and black or blue with the gold REALTOR "R" and white with the blue REALTOR "R" or Clear Plastic with blue writing.

Email color choice to Kelly Simmons at

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Columbus Neighborhoods - Worthington DVD


A library, a c hurch and a school. Those three institutions were created in Worthington long before any of the founding fathers from New England stepped foot in Ohio. And through pionoeer hardships, economic depressions and world wars, the citizens of Worthington have held fast to the principles of fellowship and lifelong learning. Its's a story of determination in ths picture-postcard town.

One DVD. 59 minutes with bonus features.

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