Affordable Housing

Today there are young people in this country who can't live where they grew up. There are people who can't live where they work. Instead, they must commute great distances because they're priced out of the market and there's a lack of decent affordable housing.

To that end, the Columbus REALTORS® has an active Affordable Housing Committee that strives to keep its members abreast of affordable housing programs and opportunities.

The Committee has identified affordable housing as properties priced $150,000 and below.

Following are programs in place that help us address the affordable housing market in the Columbus Region.

Affordable Housing Roundtables

Affordable Housing Roundtables are an important education and marketing tool for REALTORS® who regularly list and sell affordable housing. The roundtables features industry experts speaking on a variety of relevant topics including, bond money, government loans, low interest mortgages, down payment assistance, 203k rehab financing, community initiatives, credit scoring, etc. The roundtables also provide a forum for discussing buyer and seller needs, as well as a vehicle for showcasing affordable listings.

These free roundtables are held the second Friday of each month at 11:00 a.m. Find the next roundtable date and topic.