MLS Login change coming: November 2018 – NRDS number will replace license number

There is a change coming to the way you log into the MLS. You may have noticed the message on the FlexMLS Message Board regarding NRDS numbers. The login change is currently scheduled for Tuesday, November 27th 2018.  Your password will not be changed on that day, only your login.

Need help finding your NRDS number?  Instructions at the bottom of this message.

Brokers, Agents, and Appraisers currently login using their license number issued by the Ohio Division of Real Estate with a “cr.” prefix (e.g., cr.123456 or cr.2001123456). Assistants currently login with the license number of the agent for whom they work with a suffix (e.g., “a1”).  This format is easy to remember but can cause problems if there is a change in your license number. This is common when moving from Agent to Broker or returning from Broker to Agent.

Problems can be caused by these license number changes within the MLS system.  Members may not be able to see their entire listing history, inventory and other production numbers. The contacts, saved searches and other items tied to the specific license number-based login will not appear if that login changes to the new license number. A new MLS account is created when the state changes a license number. We are moving to a more standardized login scheme (NRDS number) which will not need to be changed when the state changes a license number because of a change in license type.  It won’t change even if there is a move to another state!

The NRDS number was found to be the best option for the MLS login.  NRDS number (pronounced NERDS). This number is used by the National Association of REALTORS® for your unique identification. Your NRDS number is assigned by the first Association that you joined.  It is then uploaded to NAR for their records. Your NRDS number will not change throughout your career as a REALTOR®.

Current MLS Login: cr.LICENSE#

New MLS Login: (beginning November 27, 2018) cr.NRDS#

Note: Assistant logins will continue to have a suffix (e.g., “a1”).  The license number portion will be replaced by the NRDS number.  Administrator logins (i.e., those beginning with “cr.admin…”) will not be affected by this change.

Please remember that this change WILL NOT OCCUR until later this year on November 27th, 2018.  You will receive several notifications prior to the NRDS login conversion.  In addition to this and future emails, it is planned to send printed notices through the US Postal Service and Columbus REALTORS® e-Notes notifications. Each office will be provided a list of NRDS numbers for all Brokers and Agents in their office.


Please contact the MLS staff or Technical Support at (614) 475-4000 if you would like more information.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this conversion.