“Co-op” with the Appraiser Committee

It’s a fantastic day when we earn the chance to serve our clients and work with a “Co-Op”! It’s beautiful knowing in about 30 days we will share in our client's joys and earn our reward for doing our part to provide a better life for our clients!

As you know many steps and people are involved to be able to sit at that closing table with our clients. Usually a very important step occurs; The Appraisal!

As Realtors® and agents we serve our clients with Fiduciary care and we are the experts for our clients. Maybe sometimes though, we don’t feel like the “experts” in all areas? Could this be true? If you don’t feel like an expert in the area of the appraisal process; the Appraiser Committee has pledged to remedy this!

We are giving you an opportunity to improve the lives of many, with an exceptional “Co-Op” with the Appraiser Committee.

RISING TO THE CHALLENGE & WE’RE IN THIS TOGETHER is the marriage of 2019 themes with the Columbus Realtors® & the 2019 Appraiser Forum, to be held August 22nd, 2019.

The Appraiser committee cares about their part in making our Columbus Realtors® the best we can be. The Appraiser Committee’s call to action is to ask for YOUR feedback so the Forum in August is the best version possible.

We would love your help in emailing us your frequently asked questions, issues, or concerns regarding the Appraisal Process.

We NEED your voice, and we THANK YOU for taking the time to read this. We hope you feel compelled to support the partnership among Realtors/Real Estate agents and Appraisers! If you are reading this article, that means you are someone who cares about the industry and those serving alongside you. You are the right person for this article!

Here are some data points to look at while you think about your FAQ’S/Comments/ or suggestions. Based on the information found under the Terms of Sale section under the Inventory and Production reports found under Statistics of our Columbus MLS; of 2018’s closed –RESIDENTIAL ONLY- transactions (32,753-UNITS & $7,598,290,169-DOLLARS), 19% were cash deals (6216-UNITS & $1,097,991,769-DOLLARS). If you factor in all Property types sold in 2018, 21% were cash deals.

These stats, show we get the opportunity to “Co-op” with an appraiser about 81% of the time we sell Residential property. Breaking down the types of loans; 60% of sales were Conventional loans, 14% FHA loans, 5% VA loans, & 2% USDA loans. That means that roughly 8 out of 10 deals that close involve an appraiser. We are most certainly in this together as agents and appraisers. 

To find out more information about the appraiser committee and view past forums, click here.

Once you have a few of your questions & comments, please partner with us to improve this year's panel in August. Send your questions and comments about appraisals to Kelly Bright.

Thank you for co-oping with us!