New changes to the 2018 Sales Awards!

All members should be aware of the recent updates to the Sales Awards.

New levels - $50, $100 and $150 Million levels
Based on requests from members over the years, $50 Million, $100 Million and $150 Million award levels were added – effective this year! So, for those of you who have already achieved the $25 Million award, here is your chance to apply for an even higher level!

Teams – changes back to 2008
Effective immediately and through 11/5/18, team leaders can access transactions marked with a ‘pending’ status (in the sales awards tracking system) back to Nov. 1, 2008 and assign credit to their team members. After the sales award application deadline (11/5/18), the system will be locked, and team leaders will only be able to access current transactions moving forward. 


  • The requirement to apply for each award level in order was removed as long as the applicant has been a member for a minimum of 10 years. (i.e. A member can apply for the $10 Million level without having applied for/received the $1 or $5 Million award.)
  • All award levels only require five (5) transactions. (Prior to 2017, the $1, $5, and $10 Million dollar levels required ten (10) transactions.)
  • For past recipients of the $1 Million Dollar Award who were unable to claim sales production prior to your year of application, credit for unclaimed sales production will now be considered. Members wanting to receive credit for this past sales production will be required to complete the same application process and this production, once approved, may be applied toward the next award level at time of application or excess volume on record.

More info on the Million Dollar Club here.