2020 Columbus Ohio regional home sales statistics release schedule

Jan. 22 - 2019 housing report
Feb. 21 - January housing report
Mar. 20 - February housing report
Apr. 21 - March housing report
May 21 - April housing report
June 22 - May housing report
July 22 - June housing report
Aug. 21 - July housing report
Sept. 22 - August housing report
Oct. 22 - September housing report
Nov. 19 - October housing report
Dec. 22 - November housing report

Above dates coincide with the National Association of REALTORS® News Release Schedule

News Results

Central Ohio Housing Report - July 2015

Central Ohio Housing Report - July 2015

Sales, prices and time to sell a home set records again during July 2015. The 3,208 home sales last month were up 1.9 percent over the previous month (June 2015) and up 11.7 percent from July of 2014. This also set a record high for any single month of home sales in any year.


Q2-2015 Lender-Mediated Properties Report

The 800 lender-mediated properties listed for sale during 2Q-2015 in central Ohio was down by almost half from one year ago, but up slightly (1.7 percent) from the previous quarter.

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Central Ohio Housing Report - May 2015

Central Ohio Housing Report - May 2015

There were 2,926 central Ohio homes and condos sold during the month of May, a 17.8 percent increase over April and an 8.4 percent gain over May 2014. This puts the total number of homes sold for 2015 at 10,531, which is highest number of homes sold on record for the first five months of the year, according to the Columbus REALTORS® Multiple Listing Service.

Central Ohio Housing Report - April 2015

Central Ohio Housing Report - April 2015

There were 3,987 central Ohio homes and condos put on the market during the month of April, a 15.2 percent increase over March and a 7.4 percent gain over April 2014. This increase put the total inventory of homes for sale at 7,003, according the Columbus REALTORS® Multiple Listing Service (MLS).

Commercial Retail Market Report 1Q2015 - Central Ohio

Commercial Retail Market Report 1Q2015 - Central Ohio

The Columbus commercial retail market started 2015 on a slightly negative note, posting negative net absorption for the first quarter. However this lack of activity for the beginning of the year is normal, as most activity in the retail market typically occurs in the second and third quarters.



Flex Mail Update to New Email System

The long-awaited conversion to the new Flex email system has arrived. All MLS email on Flex will move to the new system on Wednesday, March 18. The approximate time for the conversion to take place will be 8pm.  Expect email "anomalies" during the day and evening of March 18 as the conversion progresses.  No downtime or system inaccessibility is expected.


MLS Alerts - New Photo Upload Page and features enabled for all listings

Starting today, March 9th, 2015, the photo upload page within Flexmls has been updated. The new photo page will make it even easier for you to rearrange your photos and add titles and captions. To access the photo add/edit page, click on Photos under the Multimedia section on the Change Listing screen or the Change Incomplete Listing screen.


2015 Clareity MLS Satisfaction Survey

This report is done annually and was utilized during the MLS vendor selection process in 2013. Our MLS vendor, FBS and their Flexmls product, continues to rank highly. Below is the summary that they provided for the FBS results.


Why Can't MLS Kick That Listing out of Our MLS?

From time to time our MLS is asked why brokerage business practices that are different are even permitted to enter their listing into our MLS.  For more than a century, federal antitrust laws have existed as a way to promote competition and prevent monopolies in business. Because MLS is akin to a Grand Central Station is the real estate market place, the MLS is under close scrutiny by the U.S. Department of Justice for practices that would prohibit competition.  And, because real estate brokers and salespeople frequently cooperate with one another in the sale of properties, brokers, agents, real estate associations and the MLS have numerous opportunities to engage in conduct that might be construed as violations of antitrust laws.