2019 Columbus Ohio regional home sales statistics release schedule

Jan. 22 - 2018 housing report
Feb. 21 - January housing report
Mar. 22 - February housing report
Apr. 22 - March housing report
May 21 - April housing report
June 21 - May housing report
July 23 - June housing report
Aug. 21 - July housing report
Sept. 19 - August housing report
Oct. 22 - September housing report
Nov. 21 - October housing report
Dec. 19 - November housing report

Above dates coincide with the National Association of REALTORS® News Release Schedule

News Results

Central Ohio Housing Report - December 2018

Getting to know John

An up close and personal look at President John — who he is in and outside the industry.


Rising to the Challenge

John Myers will lead the Association as your 2019 President and his theme this year, “Rising to the Challenge,” will be our guiding touchstone as we explore new and exciting opportunities and work our way through thought-provoking issues.

Central Ohio Housing Report - November 2018

Central Ohio Housing Report - November 2018

Home prices are up over seven percent in central Ohio supporting the value of real estate as an excellent investment vehicle.


Partnering to create a better future for all of us!

"See the need, take the lead" has been our guiding refrain throughout the year and members did just that and have stepped up in unique and epic ways!


How to win ‘REALTOR®’ friends and serve your clients

Your business and reputation essentially depend on how you interact (or don't) with others. It improves communication, builds stronger relationships and instills trust!


Member Perspectives -- Professional Courtesy

Here we asked the following REALTORS® to share their thoughts and advice on showing professional courtesy to other real estate professionals during the buying/selling process. Check out what they had to say!

Columbus REALTORS® e-notes for November 16, 2018

Columbus REALTORS® e-notes for November 16, 2018

Election results are in for our 2019 Directors; Did you miss out? The Foundation Luncheon was a huge success; President's Ball is 12/8; Become a Certified Real Estate Mentor on 12/10; Columbus REALTORS® Closed 11/22 & 11/23; 2019 Committee Registration still open; How to rank on page one of Google results; Cleaning your house for guests: A checklist and more.


Did you receive your ballot?

If you didn’t receive the email with your link to vote for Columbus REALTORS® Directors, please check your Junk (or spam) folders. There was an email sent Tuesday and a reminder sent early this morning.