2017 Building Renovations!

If you weren’t already aware, there are some major updates and renovations under way at Columbus REALTORS®.

First Level renovations
Lower level (basement) renovations

During our 23 years at 2700 Airport Drive, Columbus REALTORS® has hosted thousands of classes and meetings, and made countless improvements to maintain the value of the property and to serve the needs of the members and staff. But it's time for some major updates and renovations!

Recognizing the need for some significant updates, the Facilities Task Force oversaw a full facility needs analysis and reviewed different ideas and designs to improve space usage. In September 2016, leadership gave the go ahead for several major improvements which include:

  • MLS Department - relocating from the basement to the first floor by converting the computer lab and phone bank area into office space.
  • Classroom - new tables, chairs, carpet, AV and storage will be created in the side areas of the classroom.
  • Lobby/Library - transforming into additional storage and adding two huddle rooms where visitors will be able to have some privacy for a conversation between classes/meetings. We'll also be adding a new reception desk, carpet, and color scheme. 
  • Lower level (basement) - adding more meeting/class space, bathrooms, photo studio, video studio, a new computer lab and a couple more huddle rooms.
  • Store - new carpeting, lights, ceiling panels.
  • Other updates include: the bathrooms on the first and second floors; new cubicles on the second floor, new carpeting (2nd floor), and new chairs in the Boardroom.

The renovations started in February and are expected to be completed in late May.

Project Updates:

  • The lobby and first floor area are close to complete (5/26)
  • We should receive the classroom tables and chairs by 5/31.
  • The 1st floor restrooms are being renovated and expected to reopen by 6/5/17.
  • 5/8/17 - The 1st floor classroom is closed for renovation for the rest of May.
  • 5/8/17 - the restrooms in the lower level and on the 2nd floor are finished and open. 
  • 5/5/17 - the lower level meeting rooms are finished. Now we're just waiting for AV and furniture. 
  • The lobby and first floor is expected to be completed by 5/31/17. 
  • Classroom - storage areas have been walled in and floor outlets have been installed. The classroom will be closed May 8 - June 1 to complete this area's renovation.  
  • The 1st floor restroom renovation will begin 5/8/17. 
  • The 2nd floor restrooms were closed on 4/14/17 and should be completed by 5/5/17. 
  • The lower level (basement) renovations should be completed by 4/27/17. But then, we'll be waiting on furniture. 
  • The library was removed and construction on the storage areas and huddle rooms began on 3/21/17. 
  • New carpet and cubicles were installed on the 2nd floor w/o 3/20/17. 
  • MLS moving into their new offices on 3/17&20/17. 
  • Shred-It stopped by and collected documents that were no longer needed. 2/27/17
  • The plumbing has been completed for new restrooms in the lower level (basement). 2/23/17
  • They're getting ready to drywall the new MLS department offices! 2/17/17
  • Framing is completed in the Northwest half of the basement which is being converted into a photo studio, video studio and two huddle rooms. 2/16/17
  • The 1st floor computer lab and phone bank area are being renovated to allow the MLS department's move from the lower level (basement). During this time, the Keybox office has been relocated to the Library. 2/1/17
  • All stock and supplies were cleaned out or moved from the northwest basement area to the south end of the basement. 1/31/17

First Level renovations
Lower level (basement) renovations.