2017 Director Election

This year's Director election will be held online from Nov. 7-14, 2017.  The ballot will include election of four (4) REALTOR® members (elected for 3-year terms) beginning 1/1/18.

Voting Process

  1. On 11/7/17, eligible REALTORS® members receive an email from Vote@CRElections.com with a personalized link to their ballot. Click on this link.
  2. If your name matches that on the screen, click 'Proceed to Ballot'
  3. After making your selection(s), click 'Preview Ballot'
  4. When satisfied, click 'Cast My Ballot'*

*Important: If you don’t click ‘Cast My Ballot’, your ballot will not be completed.

Candidates running for Director
Election Timeline
More information on Columbus REALTORS® elections

Questions? Please email Vote@CRelections.com