The new Central Ohio Zoning and Permitting Tool is Ready for Use

The new Central Ohio Zoning and Permitting tool is now ready for use thanks to $100,000 in grants from the Ohio Association of REALTORS® Issue Mobilization Fund and the Federal Highway Administration.
The new zoning and permitting tool is a direct result of the Mid Ohio Regional and Planning Commission (MORPC) partnering with the Columbus REALTORS® on a two pronged mission. Columbus REALTORS® and MORPC analyzed how zoning practices in central Ohio communities compare to current trends and also created lookup tools to identify information about development permits and zoning district requirements.

See and use the tool.

Whitepaper: The state of zoning in central Ohio
Creating the lookup tools generated data that provided insight into current zoning practices in central Ohio. In addition, a task force of local development professionals shared their practical knowledge of how zoning codes are used, their strengths, weaknesses, and suggestions for improvements. The task force consisted of representatives from the private sector and public sector in an effort to find a common ground from which to build the analysis (see list of task force members below).

New zoning tools can also accommodate a changing market. The analysis found that 60 percent of the adult population in the seven-county study falls in two broad age-based demographics - Baby Boomers and Millennials - who both indicate an increasing demand for walkable, mixed use environments. Additional benefits of new zoning tools include offering an alternative to outdated zoning principles, and online publishing tools potentially allowing communities to better communicate zoning requirements and design guidelines.

Task Force Members:
Kevin Wheeler, City of Columbus
David Efland, City of Delaware
Craig Murdick, Craig Murdick Architects, Ltd.
Skip Weiler, The Robert Weiler Company
Jim Hilz, Building Industry Association of Central Ohio
Mark Pottschmidt, Stanbery Development
Joe Jackson, Keller Williams
Kristen Easterday, Columbus Chamber
Stan Collins, Columbus REALTORS®
Gavin Blair, Columbus REALTORS®
Brent Swander, Columbus REALTORS®
Nancy Reger, MORPC
Kerstin Carr, MORPC
Andy Taylor, MORPC

For more information, please contact:
Brent Swander
Government Affairs Director
Columbus REALTORS®
(614) 498-1025

Andy Taylor, AICP
Principal Planner, MORPC
(614) 233-4166

Kerstin Carr, PhD
Director, Planning and Environment, MORPC
(614) 233-4163