Broker Public Portal = Homesnap

For years the Columbus real estate market has looked for an industry-backed tech solution to rival third-party listing search portals. We’ve had the willingness and the energy to take back lost ground, without a place to channel them.

Enter the BPP.

A couple years ago, industry leaders, brokers, and MLSs got together and decided to do something about the traffic that third-party search portals have diverted from industry sites.

They came up with a simple idea—a national home search portal that would abide by NAR Fair Display Guidelines, sending all leads to the listing agent.

This portal would be governed by the industry and keep brokers and agents at the center of the real estate transaction.

The Broker Public Portal was born, and the group selected Homesnap as its technology partner.

When we here in Columbus decided to join the BPP, we did so knowing that brokers and agents have been burned before by big tech. Homesnap and the BPP are not here to serve us only when it suits their best interest. Instead, serving agents and brokers is in Homesnap’s DNA (and the contracts it has with its member MLSs).

Everything the company does — its client collaboration tools, its search features, its advertising products — is designed to make agents’ lives easier and more productive. Homesnap does not monetize the leads you’ve worked hard for. They are on our side.

Homesnap Pro is the agent version of Homesnap. It is an included member benefit. There is no requirement for you to purchase anything to use Homesnap. Search for listings, display the photos, interact with your clients, and many other great features. 

There are additional features for advertising and Google+ upgrades that may be purchased. These “add-on” functions are optional—not required.

Homesnap’s mission is to offer solutions that complement and highlight the value agents bring to real estate. This shows through in every idea Homesnap comes up with, every feature and product they design and build, and every decision they make.

This puts Homesnap in a unique position as the real estate industry undergoes massive disruption from large tech giants and other companies making moves to remove agents from the transaction.

While these anti-agent platforms try to compete with agents and make them less relevant, Homesnap reinforces the value of real estate professionals and strengthens their relationships with their clients.

Now the BPP is more than a pipe dream in the minds of industry leaders. It is a reality, it is gaining steam, and it is taking back lost ground for our industry. As of a couple months ago, 1,000,000 agents and their clients nationwide have access to Homesnap Pro. Millions of consumers (and climbing) use Homesnap every month nationally.

In just the past few months in Columbus, thousands of agents have jumped in and hit the ground running, spreading the word among their clients about this amazing tool.

The bottom line on the BPP and Homesnap is this—they are here to serve brokers and agents. Gaining back lost ground from third party search portals—and soon, iBuyers—is not impossible.

Homesnap makes communicating with clients and other agents and looking up property information easier for you.

In using the app and sharing it with your clients, you’re joining a nationwide movement that places agents at its core.

Since the BPP movement is made up of agents, brokers, and MLSs, it won’t succeed without you. There is no magic wand that Homesnap can wave that will get consumers using their app and website (and, therefore, heading directly to your listings).

Everyone here in Columbus and central Ohio—from small-shop independent brokerages up to us at the association and board level—needs to spread the word. Use the app. Teach your clients how to use it. If you haven’t tried it yet, you’re missing out. I’m told it’s the highest-rated real estate app in the App Store, and I believe it. It’s awesome.

The movement starts with you. Fight for your agent rights. It’s no industry secret that we are frustrated with third-party search portals. They compete with agents and try to make them less relevant. Are you ready to stand up and put an end to this?

I’ll conclude by thanking the thousands of you who are already on board. If you haven’t tried the app yet, chances are a friend or colleague already uses it and can show it to you. The BPP is a grassroots movement—here in central Ohio and in cities across America—and teaching each other is how we’ll succeed!

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