Getting to know John

On Jan. 1, John Myers took the reigns as your 2019 Columbus REALTOR® president. We thought you might want to know a little more about this real estate professional who will be leading the Association and representing Columbus REALTORS® throughout the coming year.


John was born on a naval air base in Cherry Point NC as his father (Jack Myers, 1991 President) was in the Marines and stationed there at the time. About six months later, the family moved back to Columbus where John attended grade school in Grandview and high school in Upper Arlington.


Although John briefly considered engineering or teaching as a career, growing up in a real estate family won out as his profession. “During college, I worked a couple years as an assistant property manager,” said John. “Checking out vacant properties, handing delinquent rent collections, and delivering three-day notices was not a lot of fun. But it helped me decide to go the route of real estate sales.”


John started college at OSU and finished at Franklin University with a B.S. in Real Estate. When asked who has made a difference and/or been a positive influence in his life, John immediately responded “My dad – growing up with him, working with him and being in business with him.”


“His approach to business was to always do the right thing. He was honest, had integrity and a good work ethic. That’s had a great impact on me and my goal has always been to emulate these qualities.”


John and his wife, Liz, have three children. Curtiss is 35 and travels across the country installing industrial automation equipment. Leesa (31) is the office manager at Myers Real Estate. The youngest is 22-year old Marcus who is a credit manager for Ferguson in the waterworks division.


In their leisure time, John and Liz like traveling, boating, and time at the beach. But their favorite pasttime is playing with their five grandchildren (ages 7 months to five years old).


John’s theme for 2019 is "Rising to the Challenge." “I selected this theme as we have a number of challenges on the horizon.”


“With the expected growth of one million additional residents in the Columbus Region by the year 2050, we need to be actively engaged in the development of expanded resources, transportation, services and, of course, housing. Specifically, we need to address housing availability and housing affordability.”

Another area of focus is maintaining control of and protecting our MLS data. “Entering into a new agreement with Homesnap is a smart step in that direction as this service will make sure that leads go to the listing agent.” Look for more information on Homesnap coming this spring.


Advancing technologies can be a benefit to real estate professionals but can also come with hidden threats.


“Real estate is a contact sport. As technology evolves, real estate professionals must remain at the center of the transaction. We cannot lose sight of the relationship component.”


Increasing professionalism in our industry remains a top priority, the Raise the Bar Task Force will continue its work.


In closing, John added, “I’m excited about the direction the Association is headed and privileged to be a part of it as president this year.”