New alternative Portal design available September 2018 — Optional redesigned

Client Portal user interface
A new Client Portal layout is now available. The new Portal is more modern and easier to navigate. It is more “visual” by design with larger, more prominent photos. It is also easier to navigate with less “hidden/layered” functionality.

The old (Classic) Portal design will continue to be available for the forseeable future. Agents can choose between the new and old-style Portal. The new Portal will be opt-in for existing agents. It will not automatically change to the new Portal. New agents, who join MLS after the September release of the new Portal, will default to the new-style Portal, but they can “revert” to the old Classic-style Portal.

All clients for each agent will use the new or old style based upon the agent’s preference. Agents cannot have one client on the new Portal and another client on the old Portal. When an agent changes their Portal style preference (new vs. old), all clients will be immediately moved to that style of portal. Switching back and forth repeatedly would be very confusing to the clients.

There is a new “Contact Agent” button at the top of each listing report. When “contact agent” is clicked, a simplified “send” box appears to allow client to contact their agent quickly.

Hovering the mouse over a photo on the new Portal will cause the photo to “pop-up” over the property on the map.

Clicking on the photo will take the client to the photo viewer and listing information for that property.

Some considerations before switching to the new Portal:

  • Existing reports from flexmls (i.e., “1-page, 2-page, Brief with Photos”) have been replaced with a standard “Portal report layout.”
  • The listing info on the new Portal is always displayed in the new Portal report format. The MLS-created reports are not available.
  • Subscription/News Feed listings sent by auto-email will also display the new, generic Portal report layout since the subscription links take the user to the Newsfeed section of the new Portal.
  • Custom Collections cannot be created by the client on the new Portal. (Very few clients utilized this function on the old Portal.)
  • Clients cannot print listing from the new Portal.

Commercial Users: Have you set CIE Export field to Yes?
Please make sure to select “Yes” if you want to deliver your listing to Catylist from MLS for all Commercial, Office, Industrial and Business Op listings.

“CIE Export Y/N” is a required field in MLS for all Commercial, Office, Industrial and Business Op listings entered into the MLS. It was added to MLS in June 2018. The field determines whether the listing will be made available to Catylist. The field appears on the Edit Listing screen below the Printing Services field on the “Details” tab.  The CIE Export field does not display on listing reports.

The new field was back-populated “NO” for all existing listings. All newly added listing will require the agent to manually select Yes or No before saving the listing as Active in MLS. You must manually select “YES” if you want your listing sent to Catylist.

• New field named “CIE Export Y/N”
• Determines whether flexmls will send the listing by subscription email to Catylist staff
• Required entry for newly entered Commercial, Office, Industrial, Bus Op property types
• Existing listings were auto-popped with “NO” in this field.
• New field does not display on listing reports, only Add/Edit
• CIE Export field is located on the “Details” tab in the listing edit screen

MLS Board of Directors report — July & August 2018
(effective immediately unless otherwise noted)

  • Showing Start Date: Added to the default fields on mobile.
  • Showing Start Date:  Adding new fineable policy requiring Showing Start Date match the date referenced in the A2A remarks section.
  • FIRPTA: Added statement to the listing agreement.
  • Security/password sharing violations : Raised fines
  • Land Farm property: Now allowing the same parcel number to be used multiple times with a lot split.