Want to know a secret?

So, it has been said that one should write about what they know. What comes to mind regarding this topic is the long-ago question from my childhood of someone saying ‘want to hear a secret?’. It always created a sense of excitement and made you feel like you were ‘in the know.’

So, let me tell you about one of the best-kept secrets of the Columbus REALTORS®. It is the Leadership Academy. This was an initiative of one of our past Presidents, Sue Lusk-Gleich. During the year prior to her presidency, she researched ways to format a Leadership Academy for our local association. 

After many hours of planning, dedicated members of the association designed, created, and provided the Columbus REALTORS® with a first-class Leadership Academy program. Since its inception, there have been seven graduating classes, with honors I might add, and 83 graduates who are currently utilizing the leadership skills that they have acquired. 

So, what is the secret? There are 83 of your peers who knew where to find it and now know what it is. They won’t tell you much about what they have experienced, but they will absolutely tell you that you must do this for yourself.

The hours are sometimes long. It is a challenge to get it on your schedule. But the discovery trip to the end destination is not only memorable, it provides you with the ‘ride of your life.’  

Are you interested in the secret commitment called Leadership Academy? Sign up today to be sure you are one of those selected for this incredible adventure so that you will also enjoy the secret smile that graduates have when they speak with pride about their journey with the Columbus REALTORS® Leadership Academy.

To apply, you must be a REALTOR® member in good standing for the last three years as of Aug. 1, 2018, which is the deadline for applications. You’ll find more information at columbusrealtors.com/LA.

Fill out an application for the Columbus REALTORS® Leadership Academy and be one of those ‘in the know.’