Showing Start Date in Review: 2 ½ Years In

The Showing Start Date field was added to our MLS almost 2 ½ years ago in December 2015. Implementation of the Showing Start Date field is a response to the “coming soon” marketing that is widely used across the country.  It is also a policy clarification and addition to allow premarketing options for MLS listed properties. Members are now able to promote those listings “not quite ready for showing” while still entering them in MLS.

The Showing Start Date field enables members to enter an exact date when showings will begin. The field is a required entry for all listings. It is important to note that NO SHOWINGS FOR ANYONE are permitted prior to the Showing Start Date.

Verbiage such as “No Showings until June 14” is allowed in the Property Description field. You may also include a reason for the delayed showings such as “new carpet being installed”.  All wording in the Property Description field is still subject to MLS policies, rules and regulations.

Read the Full Article from 2015 at that announced Showing Start Date for additional information regarding proper utilization of this field.

For specific questions regarding showing start date and MLS policy surrounding it, please contact the MLS Policy Compliance Administrator at or (614) 475-4000 during the hours of Mon-Fri 8:30a-5:00p.

Primary Policies regarding Showing Start Date/Delayed Showings

  1. There may be no showings of any kind until such time as the date established as the "Showing Start Date" has been met. For the purpose of the "Showing Start Date" policy, the following would qualify as showings: Open Houses, realty tours, agent previews
  2. The "Showing Start Date" may not be moved to an earlier date for any reason once it has been entered into the MLS. The only exception would be when a mistake is realized and the MLS is notified within 24 hours of entry.
  3. The "Showing Start Date" is limited to a date no more than 30 days in the future. If originally set to less than thirty (30) days in the future, it can be extended. The extension cannot be further out than thirty (30) days from the original list date.
  4. The "Showing Start Date" cannot be changed once it has been met. If showings must be stopped again for a period of time after the "Showing Start Date" has passed, the listing should be in the withdrawn (Temp off Market) status.
  5. Any showing of a property before the "Showing Start Date" has been met is a potential violation of the NAR REALTOR® Code of Ethics. There may also be issues with Fair Housing Laws that could affect the REALTOR®, their broker and the seller.

Can I change the Showing Start Date if I made a mistake?

The Showing Start Date (SSD) field cannot be “pulled back” after a listing goes live on the MLS. You should set the SSD to the minimum future date that you believe will be necessary. That is, if you think a repair will take 3 weeks, it would be in your best interest to set the SSD only 1 or 2 weeks in the future. If you need an extra week, the date can be extended into the future, but not retracted from the original date set. You will just have to wait until the 3 weeks pass. Just remember to extend the SSD BEFORE the date passes. You will not be able to extend the date after it has already passed.

I made a mistake when I entered the Showing Start Date. Can I fix it?
If you accidentally put the Showing Start Date out too far, you MAY be able to correct it. You must contact MLS by email or phone within 24 hours of the listing entry and request that the SSD be corrected by MLS staff. Make sure to leave a message or send the email. Requests to modify the SSD that are received on weekends or holidays will be adjusted on the next business day. This is the only way to correct an error when SSD was entered. If more than 24 hours passed before you contacted MLS either by email or phone, the SSD cannot be changed according to MLS policy. You must contact MLS regardless if it is a weekend or holiday either by email or phone at or (614)475-4000.

PLEASE NOTE: Even if MLS staff is notified of an SSD error within 24 hours, the SSD can only be adjusted to the next business day since SSD cannot be entered as a past date, even by MLS staff.

Delayed Showing Authorization Form – Required for Listings with Future Showing Start Date

The Delayed Showing Authorization Form is required for any listing for which the Showing Start Date is after the List Date. (Example: List Date June 1, Showing Start Date June 10.)

Brokers are permitted to formulate their own version of the form provided the substitute form contains at least the same requirements as the MLS version of the form.

Download the Delayed Showing Authorization Form here or email

Showing Start Date Displayed on Public and Private Reports

The Showing Start Date field appears at the top of the Full (1 page), Full 2-page, and Brief with Photos MLS reports. The field appears directly below the List Price/Original List Price fields at the top right corner of both the public and private versions of these reports.