Columbus touts desirable neighborhoods, affordable pricing and a great economy

As summer has wound down, we find ourselves thinking the rush is over and that we can take a deep breath. However, I think for most of us this year, that is not the case. With some of the best sales statistics ever in the history of Columbus REALTORS®, it is no big surprise that people are still out looking to buy and sell real estate. Yes interest rates have edged up and inventory is down but that has not caused the market to soften.

We are very lucky in the Columbus market to have desirable neighborhoods, affordable pricing and a great local economy. So, as you go into the sometimes more quiet part of the sales year, remember how fortunate we are to be doing the business that we are, and in a great part of the country.
Even though the market has been swift and time is precious, you all are still finding time to participate in Columbus REALTORS® programs and events.

Over the summer months, we saw many members at events such as REALTOR® Care Day and the YPN Scavenger Hunt out at Buckeye Lake (see highlights of the scavenger hunt in the Nov/Dec issue).

Bowling with the PAC was again a hit with members (see highlights on page 44) and raised over $4,000 for our political action committee. And the CORPAC golf outing (which will occur after press time), will likely raise good money to support our local government officials and help facilitate private property rights for the public. Without the funds to make our voices heard, you would have had a 6.5 percent increase on your state income taxes. And with congress revamping the tax code, we’re battling to keep the Mortgage Interest Deduction – a vital benefit to homeownership.

These programs that are put on by our association are critical to the success of our industry from within as well as from the public’s perspective.

Hat’s off to the committee chairs for these successful and rewarding events. And special thanks to staffers Ida Seitter and Jason Perkins – we can’t do any of this without your support and expertise.
A big challenge that Columbus REALTORS® will face this year is the upcoming vote on the Columbus City School levy. Although the levy is not without controversy, Columbus REALTORS® leadership voted to support the levy.

Our position is that strong schools make strong neighborhoods; and strong neighborhoods strengthen property values.

However, we made it clear that we felt the schools must spend the funds more appropriately and reach their defined benchmarks.

We all dislike taxes, but without a solid center city school system, the rest of the communities suffer and then the central Ohio market as a whole takes a step backward. These children are the future of our businesses, our communities and are our leaders for tomorrow.
I look forward to seeing you all at the OAR convention (Sept. 8-10, Columbus Hyatt Regency in downtown Columbus) and encourage you all to participate since it is in our City. Show the rest of the Ohio REALTORS® what we are all about! Register online at