Getting to know Sara

Columbus REALTORS® 2018 President Sara Walsh is a hometown girl, born in Columbus and raised in Westerville.

It was during high school at Westerville South that Sara got her start in real estate, working on the weekends as a receptionist. After high school, she obtained her license while attending college at Otterbein University.

“I was planning to go to medical school, but my heart detoured me to go into real estate full time upon graduation from Otterbein,” Sara said.

Sara explained that although her undergraduate degree was pre-medicine focusing on life sciences, if she wasn’t a REALTOR®, she thinks she should have been an attorney.

“I like to look at a situation from different viewpoints to see what offers the most logical and fair outcome,” Sara said.

Sara is very close with her one daughter, Alexandria. Alexandria is 13, a middle school cheerleader and on the honor roll.

Sara and Alexandria have several pets, including a German Shepherd and two rabbits.

“The rabbits are named Sugar and Bun Bun,” Sara said. “So far, the shepherd understands that Sugar and Bun Bun are “friends” and they manage to co-exist!”

In addition to being an involved and supportive mother, Sara is an energetic and attentive REALTOR®, civic leader, empowering boss, and a compassionate and loyal friend.  

“The hard part is getting the mix ‘right,’” Sara commented on being so involved. “I always try to be 100 percent in the moment but sometimes feel guilt when one role overlaps another.”

Sara said she has been fortunate to have several positive mentors throughout her life. Barbara Lach, in particular, has been the most influential when it comes to real estate.

“Barb is a wonderful coach and mentor; selflessly sharing her wisdom with me,” Sara said. “ In my non-real estate life, my bright and forward-thinking mother influenced me the most by always encouraging and supporting me in every endeavor!”

Sara said other women who have had a positive influence on her life are Betty Montgomery and JoAnn Davison.  

“The wisdom of these leaders could be summed up in a favorite saying of JoAnn Davison, “Act like a lady; think like a man; and work like a dog,” Sara said.

Sara explained that her goal as President is to encourage our membership to remember that we are professionals, advisors and advocates.

“I hope to hear next January that our membership believes I was inclusive and helped to raise the bar,” Sara said. “I want our members to ‘See the need, take the Lead’ whether in our industry or in their community.”

According to Sara, the number one issue facing REALTORS® is that the real estate industry is inundated with a large number of part-time, untrained, unethical, and/or incompetent agents.

“This knowledge gap threatens the credibility of the industry,” Sara said. “As an industry we need to diligently work to improve our perception with the public by increasing our professionalism.  At Columbus REALTORS®, the Raise the Bar Presidential Advisory Group will focus on this issue.”

If and when Sara has free time, she enjoys relaxing with friends, playing golf, skiing and traveling.

“Our membership probably doesn’t know that I played violin for seven years and I am a music lover!” Sara said. “I listen to a variety of genres – from Mozart to AC/DC to Coldplay – and love to get out for live music!”