To be grateful is to be happy

It is with a grateful heart that I pen my final article as the Columbus REALTORS® President. This year, 2017, will be a year in which I will remember forever as a year of growth both personally and professionally. 

The relationships that I have both made and made deeper are the best part of the year for me. Working with CEO Stan Collins, President-Elect Sara Walsh, Treasurer John Myers, Secretary Andy Mills, the Columbus REALTORS® Board of Directors, 2017 Chairs and Co-Chairs, and the entire staff at 2700 Airport Drive, we have been able to accomplish many of the goals and objectives that we began the year with as our targets from the strategic plan.  

  • Raise member professionalism. We have completed the Certified Real Estate Mentor Designation (CREM) program and will teach the class at the end of November to a capacity crowd as it sold out more than 30 days before the event! Sean Carpenter is our facilitator and will bring his high energy and enthusiasm to his audience.
  • Increase member participation. This year, our Young Professionals Network (YPN) has hosted a series of educational round table discussions with panelists from around the state of Ohio with topics like “Treat your business like a business”, “Ohio REALTORS® Leadership Q & A” and “Past Presidents’ Panel Q & A”. The YPN Co-Chairs Chris Hamilton and Sarah Miller have made a meaningful difference in the increased participation in 2017 with record attendance.
  • Increase Broker member participation. With the leadership of Past President Gary Parsons, our first year for the Columbus REALTORS® Broker Forum has been a success with great participation from member Brokers as well as beneficial programs like the Broker Roundtable and Panel discussion focusing on today’s market challenges.
  • REALTOR® Advocacy. Brent Swander, Vice President of Government Affairs, has lead our organization’s advocacy efforts in a myriad of issues that presented themselves in 2017 with great distinction. Columbus REALTORS®’ advocacy efforts had a huge victory as Columbus City Council invited us to the discussion about changes in the sign ordinance required by a Supreme Court decision regarding sign content. The successful negotiations resulted in an estimated $1.8 million savings to our members over a two-year period!
  • Promote the Mission of the MLS Corporation and its Divisions. For the first time in our history, the MLS Corporation was lead by a separate Board of Directors (BOD) comprised of a diverse group of mostly Brokers who was lead by JP Faulkner. The MLS BOD has been able to navigate the corporation though the many challenges that 2017 brought to the industry.

My final thoughts: To be able to have the time to serve as Columbus REALTORS® President, I have to have the support of an amazing wife and family, which I definitely have, and a support system in my personal business and in the brokerage that I have been entrusted to lead, which I have as well. This is where I say thank you to all of those great people that have supported me and that I have served with and to all of the members that have allowed me to lead this year as president. It is with a grateful heart that I tell you 2017 has been one of the happiest years of my life!