To lead is to serve… Come on this year’s journey with us

Once again, the Columbus REALTORS® Leadership Academy is taking applications for this year’s incoming class for the 2017-18 Leadership Academy.

This year’s Leadership Academy class will be the 7th year for this outstanding program. Twelve candidates will be on a one year journey while meeting some new “best friends” and having a blast learning more about what it means to be a leader.

This journey will take you places educationally, emotionally and intellectually and your growth will be very fulfilling. You will have the chance to meet people in Columbus that are leaders in business, non-profits, government and in education, to mention a few.

Your mind will be opened to programs that are in and around our city that serve all our communities. You will gain public speaking skills, learn how to have more skillful conversations and find ways to give back that you never imagined.

As I write this article, I look back at my Journey as part of the Leadership Academy Class 2013-14. When I started the program, I did not know what I did not know. I quickly became very close friends with all my classmates as we developed a strong bond.

We walked together that year learning, laughing and sometimes even crying. Everyone felt they had learned so much about themselves and all of us have carried this new-found education into our personal and professional worlds.

Throughout life, many of us are put in a Leadership role. Sometimes it is by choice and sometimes it’s out of necessity. This program may enforce things you already know and show you ways to be a better Leader.

For me, to be a better Leader, I had to learn to serve others as they needed. Understanding the vision and getting others to willingly participate in my vision while allowing them the opportunity to take ownership of their part, made me a better Leader.

In 2001, I joined the largest motorcycle club in the world, Harley Owners Group. In that club, I was trained to take out a large group of motorcycle riders, sometimes in the hundreds, on a long group ride.

The role of Road Captain was my given responsibility. We often had three Road Captains in the long line of motorcycles. One at the very front, one in the middle of the pack and one Road Captain at the back of the pack riding sweep. All had different tasks and responsibilities but the Leader at the back of the pack had all the responsibility in protecting and leading the group.

The opportunity to ride sweep is the biggest role of servitude in this environment. Riding sweep you must allow the other two Road Captains to take ownership of their roles up front all while the rear Road Captain served the greater good of the pack.

My Leadership Academy journey reminded me of that Road Captain role many years ago.

Our President, Mic Gordon set a theme for his term this year. Learn, Earn & Give Back.  I believe the Leadership Academy program embodies Mic’s vision very well.

I encourage you to challenge yourself in your growth and apply for the Leadership Academy this year. The time needed is a very small sacrifice that will change how you look at the world that you can influence.

Will you come join us on this wonderful journey?