What is your opinion of the Columbus Commercial Market?

The word on the street about commercial real estate in Columbus is “HOT.” What does HOT mean to the industry? The answer depends on who you ask. Leasing agents will tell you it is great because tenants are flocking to their buildings. Buyer agents will tell you it is difficult because there isn’t much inventory matching client’s needs. Researchers report vacancy rates are dropping which drive asking rates higher.

When your clients ask your opinion on the market, what will you say? What statistics do you use to support your statement? As a trusted resource for your client, it is your responsibility to provide accurate information. Depending on your business niche, you need to be the expert. If not, you will lose them to someone who is. The Columbus Xceligent research team works very hard to provide you accurate data you can trust!

The following sections provide snapshots of the different segments in the Columbus market. Please contact me if you need further explanations or to schedule a training session. I can be reached at (614) 203-0870 birwin@xceligent.com

Detailed statistics from the defined data set in our Quarterly Market Reports may be obtained by contacting Kim Begley, Director of Analytics-Ohio, at (614) 570-4722 or kbegley@xceligent.com

Market Overview – Columbus (as of 6/1/2017)

*Total Inventory reflects the entire Columbus Market. Office stats include government, educational institutions, and hospitals.