It’s Halftime. Do you know your score?

Learn, Earn & Give Back for me is more than a theme for 2017. It’s a strategy for meeting my goals and living my life.

This month, I’d like to focus on what fuels our goals and our dreams for living our lives. That fuel is “Earn.” Without our income, it is very difficult to learn or give back.

July 1 of every year represents halftime in our businesses. So the first question that you need to ask yourself is “what’s the score?”. How is your business through the first six months of the year compared to your goals?

If you’re an agent that does mostly listings, I’ll bet you’re having a great year. On the other hand, if you work with mostly buyers, there’s a real possibility that your business is down.

Working with buyers this year has been a challenge for many as we encounter multiple offers, sales prices over list price, sales prices more than appraisal value, difficult sellers when negotiating remedy items and on and on.

Even if your buyer side business is up, you’re working twice as much to get these clients to the closing table.

You’re probably saying to yourself, “Hey Mic, tell me something that I don’t know!”  Well, okay.  I will.

Halftime is your opportunity to take a break from the chaos of day to day activities and analyze your game plan from the first half and make adjustments for the second half.

If you haven’t met your goals so far and you’re competitive (like I am), adjust your goals so that you can meet them by year end. Once you’ve adjusted your goals, create a strategy and action plan to meet the new monthly goals.

Certainly, in this market, a focus on listings should be a major component of your plan. 

Talk to your Broker, manager, coach, mentor or co-worker and get their input on what the second half of 2017 should look like for you.

Once you have your strategic and action plan in place, go out and execute it and do it with purpose. Get an accountability partner and ask them to keep you on task and on track to meet your goals. 

There’s a lot of time left on the 2017 clock to make your move and win the game!