Samuel Brody-Boyd is our new Keybox System Administrator!

Samuel Brody-Boyd has officially been hired as our new Keybox System Administrator. Many of you may have already met Samuel who has worked in this capacity as a temp for nearly four months. 

He brings to this position a wide range of experiences including a strong customer service background. He is both patient and respectful and connects well with people – skills that has served him well in his previous employment as a radio DJ, Broadcaster and Starbucks Barista.

Both he and his brother, Truman Brody-Boyd, who is 4 ½ years Samuel’s junior and, as Samuel describes, his greatest friend in the world, possess creative genes – no doubt inherited from their father and grandfather who are both artists – and have participated in Colonial Williamsburg reenactments. 

Samuel also enjoys painting miniature solders and has a passion for creative writing. He’s a published writer with a short story on Amazon entitled, “Dethroned,” and is working on his second novel that he anticipates will be published this year. 

Samuel says, “As Keybox Administrator, I will work every day to make sure members who have issues with their Keybox get immediate assistance or get a response from me the same day.”

Samuel grew up Williamsburg, Virginia, attended Grinnell University in Iowa where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature, and currently resides in Clintonville.

The next time you’re at the Association stop by the store (where his office is located) to say hello and wish Samuel well!