HUD 101 – Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get HUD keys? Many of you ask where you can get a set of HUD keys and the answer is you can’t. It has been decided against passing out HUD keys and opting instead for lockboxes to be placed on all HUD Homes. Nor can listing agents give you the key codes. The listing brokerage can put whatever lockbox they choose on the property. So it could be numeric, alpha or electronic.

When going to a HUD property, I recommend you doing two things first. 1. Check the website and 2. call the showing phone number listed on the MLS. If there is no phone number listed, then call the agent directly. If you do have a set of HUD keys, great, check the HUD site first to make sure the property is still available and then go and show it. Just remember that some HUD keys won’t work and sometimes the keys are missing from the box.

Keys and Lockbox codes should NOT be given to buyers, contractors or utility companies.

At closing, the lockbox and key will be removed from the property. It is up to you (the buyer’s agent) to open the door for the buyer. HUD does not change the locks for buyers at closing.

What if the purchaser is a business? If the purchasing entity is a business, LLC or is incorporated, then the person signing for that business must provide proof that they have the authority to sign on behalf of the company.

If I win the bid, what happens next? You will receive two e-mails informing you that you have won the property. You have 48 hours to get the contract to the appropriate Asset Manager. Within a week, you should get the ratified contract back from the Asset Manager, as long as you did not have corrections.

The listing Agent will place the property under contract in the MLS, once they too have received the ratified contract. So, if you do not see it on, but see it on the MLS, this may be why. Please be patient and understand that a winning bid is not a contract until both parties sign.

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