Interested in joining COCIE?

Access to COCIE property and listing information will benefit commercial agents from large and small firms as well as residential agents, developers, utility companies, economic development directors, attorneys, and accountants. See applications on the right.

Who will benefit most from COCIE?

  • Commercial brokers & agents - both large and small Commercial agents working in predominantly residential firms
  • Agents interested in transitioning from residential to commercial
  • All others in Central Ohio desiring access to commercial real estate property information both locally and throughout the country.
  • In addition, developers, utility companies, economic development directors, attorneys, and accountants will also benefit from the COCIE property information

Commercial Agents

Membership in the Central Ohio Commercial Information Exchange (COCIE) is based on the same principal as membership in the Columbus REALTORS® in that the commercial broker and all licensees must join.

Residential Agents

An exception to the Commercial Firm policy above is made for residential brokers in which case the broker must join and then any residential agents may join as desired.


COCIE Application for real estate licensees

COCIE Application for Economic Development Organizations

Rules & Regulations (being updated)


For information about joining COCIE, contact Bryan Dean at (614) 498-1012.