For more information on REALTOR® Care Day, contact Marque Bressler at (614) 498-1016.

Columbus REALTORS® Foundation

To arrange a memorial gift to the Columbus REALTORS® Foundation, contact Ida Seitter at (614) 528-1104.

Find out how to help the efforts of the Columbus REALTORS® Foundation.

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Northwest Area Realty Association

For the 2018 REALTOR® Care Day project, the Northwest Area Realty Association's project was dedicated to the beautification of the Northwest Kiwanis Park to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Upper Arlington. This entailed grounds cleanup. (Map of Project

★ Recipient of the 2017 REALTOR® Care Day Weiler grant


Sue Mullenix (614) 459-2133



2017 In-Kind Donations

  • Discount Dumpster Rentals LLC: Jim Jackson
  • Bone Dry Roofing: Andy Gastineau
  • Chad Walter's Company: Chad Walters
  • Café Davinci: Kim and Tina Elsea
  • Tony and Kystin Macaluso: plants and flowers
  • Katie Davis: mulch
  • Suzanne Perry, Bonnie Lustnauer & Susan Mullenix: water, cookies & snacks
  • Stacy McVey
  • Sharon Cook
  • Heidi Matson
  • Sara & Dave McKinley
  • Cheryl Godard
  • Kim Hoag
  • Katie Davis
  • Koontz Team
Thanks to our 2017 Volunteers!  

Katie Davis
Susan Mullenix
Bonnie Lustnauer
Suzanne Perry
Anthony Clemente
Barb Robertson
Adam Burton
Anthony Masci
Caleb Pope
Tony Macaluso

Freda Lindsey
Cody Lindsey
Jeff Laumann
Margot Laumann
Ben Calhoon
Sammy Calhoon
Lauren DeMoss
Annie Means
Candace Tesner
Stacey McVey

Cheryl Godard
Caren Baier
Barb Reif
Stephanie Hyer
Jack Hyer
Carter Hyer
Nicole Perry
Nickie Evans
Jamila Dailey
Dave McKinley
Tom Goetz
Candice Bonfante
Debbie Crecelius
Linda Telles
Marty Wyzlic
Justin Kelly
Sam Hardy
Ryan Sandersy

* Bold names are RCD Project Coordinators or Area Realty Association Presidents.

2018 RCD 

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