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Columbus REALTORS® Foundation

To arrange a memorial gift to the Columbus REALTORS® Foundation, contact Ida Seitter at (614) 475-4000 ext. 247.

Find out how to help the efforts of the Columbus REALTORS® Foundation.


1. Columbus REALTORS®

Columbus REALTORS® main project consisted of providing improvements to 10 properties and two pocket parks in the Hungarian Village area (E. Woodrow Ave.) of Columbus’ South Side. Volunteers sign up at

2. Bexley-Eastmoor-Berwick Realty Association

Exterior maintenance included weeding, cutting grass, edging, cutting in beds, mulching, planting, outdoor planters and painting for a Bexley resident on a fixed income who was a nurse in the Vietnam war. Contact: Forest Neuswanger (614) 971-6600


CCIIR focused on American Addition by improving the landscaping around the American Addition monument sign to make the corner look more finished and improvements to the community center. Contact: Matt Osowski (614) 397-4877

4. Columbus Southwest Area Realty Association 

CWSARA had a wheel chair ramp built as well as some kitchen modifications for a Grove City resident who was paralyzed by the West Nile virus. As prior manager of Citizens Bank (Parsons Ave. branch), this resident helped many low to moderate income customers with their home ownership needs. Contact: Robin Miller (614) 582-8945

5. Delaware County Board of REALTORS® 

Cleaned up the yard of a local veteran which included painting, mulching, planting flowers, pruning and edging. Contact: Joe Frank (614) 284-3993 

6. Delaware Knox Licking Morrow Suburban Realty Association

Yard work and landscaping for an elderly widow in Sunbury who is battling breast cancer and undergoing chemotherapy. Contact: Keri Laughery (614) 935-6525

7. Gahanna Area Realty Association

1) Helped a family whose father passed away find a permanent place to live so they can finish school in Gahanna; 2) Did exterior maintenance at Middle School West. Contact: Craig Lee (614) 374-2692 

8. Greater Dublin Area Realty Association

Yard cleanup for a Dublin family whose son was recently diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia and drywalling, fixing front steps and landscaping for a Dublin family of 9 who have recently faced a series of true misfortunes. Contact: Chryssa Gartner (614) 402-3269 

9. Greater Worthington Area Real Estate Association

Assisted a resident (retired First Responder) with power washing/prepping his 3-tiered deck for painting, installed new fence caps, landscaped, planted, trimmed, weeded and mulched. A handmade family heirloom swing was also restored to life with fresh paint as well as the deck. Contact: Carla Palkuti (614) 746-4485 
Recipient of the REALTOR® Care Day Weiler grant for their 2016 RCD project!

10. Hilliard Area Realty Association

Provided exterior maintenance for a Hilliard couple who are both disabled. Contact: Connie Anzuini (614) 778-0633

11. IREM 

Worked in the Franklinton Gardens tilling the beds and harvesting fruits and vegetables. They also purchased a ripper/scarifier for them which will help break up hard ground when establishing new beds. Contact: Angi Carey (614) 256-7368 

12. Madison County Area Realty Association 

Painted, beautified and raised funds for Cowling Park (in London Ohio) - a community park accessible to children with disabilities. Contact: Marti Schmidt (614) 769-7653 

13. Marysville Area Realty Association

Provided home repairs, landscaping, mulching, and planting flowers for a veteran in Marysville as well as clean up at Elijer Park. Contact: Julie Guy (614) 499-6307

14. Midtown Area Realty Association 

Provided mulch and some landscaping for the Southern Gateway Homes in Columbus’ south side. Contact: Ann Hunger (614) 578-3752 

15.  New Albany Area Realty Association

Painted a bedroom and cleaned up the yard (mulching, planting flowers, etc.) for a New Albany resident in need who takes in foster children with special needs. Contact: Susan Milne (614) 307-5029

16.  North Area Real Estate Association

Extensive yard work, fence repair, and painting the porch for an elderly resident who lives alone and is unable to handle exterior work. Contact: Shari Carroll (614) 571-8878 

17. Northwest Area Realty Association

Provided very extensive yard work, trim repair, roof repair, gutter replacement, and paint for a family with physical and financial need. Contact: Katie Davis (614) 354-1785
Recipient of the REALTOR® Care Day Weiler grant for their 2017 RCD project!

18. Southeast Area Realty Association

Added trees, flowers and additional landscaping at Brobst Park in Madison Twp. and hosted lunch at The Inn at Winchester Trail assisted living facility. Contact: Nikki DiNardo (614) 554-2605

19. Southern Delaware County Realty Association

Participated in Bed Brigade (built and dressed beds) for People In Need of Delaware County. Contact: Shaun Simpson (614) 312-1417

20. Tri-County Area Realty Association

Provided coffee, donuts and entertainment for the residents of Echo Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Pickerington and also provided landscaping and needed home improvements for a disabled veteran with a family of eight in Pickerington. Contact: Mackenzie Arnold (740) 258-9426
Recipient of the REALTOR® Care Day Weiler grant for their 2016 RCD project!

21. Westerville Area Realty Association 

Mulched and weeded at McNamara Park (a public park in Genoa Township near Westerville). Contact: Bob Johnson (614) 440-4166 

22. Licking North Central Realty Association

Installed a walkway at the American Legion Post 254 to compliment the memorial flag pole area LNCRA completed last year. Contact: Jean Wright (740) 973-4939

23. Lancaster Area

Restored a large mural of Senator Thomas Ewing on the side of downtown Main Street; removed graffiti left recently on buildings and homes; and extended decorative lights on light poles in downtown Lancaster. Contact: Bethany Alexander (614) 315-0071

24. Pickaway County Realty Association

Installation of a shelter at A.W. Marion State Park (home of Hargus Lake). Contact: Eric Saxton (614) 736-5959


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