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Beth Sacks, Interactive Communication Coordinator

Certified Real Estate Mentor (CREM) Designation Course Debut

Recognizing the need for a mentorship program, the new CREM designation course centers on ensuring that knowledge, experience, and wisdom are passed down from generation to generation.

Weiler Grants awarded to Northwest and DKLM groups for their 2017 REALTOR® Care Day projects

Columbus REALTORS® is proud to announce that both the Northwest Area Real Estate Association and the Delaware Knox Licking Morrow Suburban Realty Association were awarded REALTOR® Care Day Weiler grants in honor of their 2017 projects.

Getting to know President Mic Gordon

An up close and personal look at President Mic -- who he is in and outside the industry.

Take your marketing to new heights

 Now that it’s legal for REALTORS® to operate drones, we know that many of you will be champing at the bit to incorporate drone photography into your marketing mix.

Marketing to Millennials!

Millennials have increasingly become the driving force in our economy. So understanding what makes them tick is important for forming a true connection with this very influential group.

Getting to know John Royer

Check out the up close and personal look at President John -- who he is on and off the field.

Get the DL on the App

Being on top of your game means staying up-to-date on the latest in technology and apps designed to make your life easier and your business more efficient.

Business and Tech Tips

Safety, marketing, leads, apps, cuff wearable technology, charger and more discussed in this issued business and tech tips article.

Furniture Bank of Central Ohio turns empty houses into homes

No one should ever have to live in an unfurnished home, devoid of the basic creature comforts that many of us take for granted. Yet every day, there are thousands of central Ohio families who can’t afford a dinner table, a bed to sleep in at night, or even a couch to sit on. This is the unfortunate and heartbreaking reality for many individuals and families in central Ohio who simply cannot afford basic household furniture.

Real Estate is a high risk profession

September is designated nationally as REALTOR® Safety Month and a good reminder that being safe on the job should be top of mind every day of the year.