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Brian Irwin, Xceligent

Columbus Commercial Real Estate: 2018 and Beyond!

Columbus leaders are predicting 2018 to be a great year for commercial real estate! And, as the residential market continues to flourish, commercial deals continue to rise.

Resources for the busy agent

Resources available for commercial deals designed to educate and save valuable time.

What is your opinion of the Columbus Commercial Market?

When asked your opinion on the market, what will you say?

COCIE/Xceligent Updates — Spring 2017

Xceligent is dedicated to providing new tools to help commercial agent enhance their daily business endeavors.

COCIE and Xceligent: Perfect Resources to Compliment Your Commercial Business

Columbus REALTORS® is the best partner for you to grow your education and your business.

Commercial members share their thoughts on Xceligent

Four very respected and successful commercial agents to share their thoughts on Xceligent, and how it can be more efficient. Checkout what they had to say here!

Xceligent: Beyond a Basic Search

To maximize the most from Xceligent, you have to think outside the box and use our service beyond a basic search. Checkout how to do that here!

COCIE – It’s history and how it works

COCIE consolidated Columbus REALTORS®, CCIIR and Xceligent listings in to a central commercial property database. Check out its history and how it works here!

COCIE: Grow your Commercial Business Statewide

What happens when your client asks you for advice or properties in markets you are not familiar? What resources do you have at your disposal? Check out how Xceligent can expand your horizon and grow your business to other parts of the region.

COCIE: “We need to talk…”

Check out the variety of ways COCIE data can be used in structuring a real estate deal.