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Matt Warren, MLS Senior Trainer/Systems Analyst

New Licking County Auditor OnTrac System

New Licking County Auditor OnTrac System, MLS Board of Directors and Software Operations reports discussed here.

A new look for Flexmls CMAs

A fresh look and several improvements that include a new design, new charts and automatic PDFs for Flexmls CMAs.

Big Flex Change in June: Customizable Menus

Soon you will have access to a new, easy to use menu in Flexmls. The new design provides a modern look, and allows one-click access to your favorite menu items. This update will be rolled out June 27.

The Many Woes of E-mail Delivery

E-mail delivery has become increasingly complex and troublesome. Many clients still have the optimistic belief that they can simply type a letter, click send, and expect the e-mail to arrive in milliseconds, but it sometimes fall short of its destination.