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National City Mortgage Rural Housing Program

Program Description

No down payment is required from the borrower under this program. There is no minimum credit score required. There is a 2% Guarantee Fee based on loan amount which can be financed.

Use when your buyer:

  • has very little cash
  • has little or no credit
  • has a less than “perfect” credit history
  • needs expanded ratios


  • up to 100% LTV plus guarantee fee
  • sellers can contribute up to 6% in closing costs/prepaids
  • No minimum credit score required
  • qualifying ratios of 29/41%
  • limited to defined Rural areas - requires approval from local
  • RD office
  • assumable by qualified buyer

Income limits:

Yes, determined by household size and income standards


Tim Moffitt, National City Bank, (614) 276-LOAN (5626),