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Affordable Financing

This affordable housing financing programs featured here include downpayment assistance programs and specialized mortgage products geared to help low-to-moderate income families obtain their dream of homeownership.

This information is meant for use by real estate professionals, lenders, builders, government officials, social service organizations and any other individuals or agencies who are involved in helping people secure affordable housing.

Programs and product information listed below is believed to be accurate at the time of printing, but is subject to change without notice. Lenders reserve the right to change the availability, characteristics, qualification guidelines and/or terms of any programs and should be contacted for the most up-to-date information on their particular program/product.

All comments, suggestions and corrections regarding any program/product listed here are welcome. Send to: Affordable Housing Committee, c/o Columbus REALTORS®, 2700 Airport Drive, Columbus, Ohio 43219.

Downpayment Assistance

Government Loans   

Special Mortgage Products