Update the tax information for your current listings

It’s that time of year again to update your listings with the latest property tax information so they are reflective of the 2014 tax year.

Most county auditors have updated their tax records to reflect the taxes owed for each parcel in their taxing districts for the 2014 tax year. Voter approved school and bond levies impact those figures usually each year along with any auditor reassessments or owner appeals of property valuation.

Since most real estate taxes change annually, it is important that REALTORS®, clients and even sellers be kept apprised of these ever changing figures.

Remember, while Realist can autopop the Yearly Taxes and Tax Year for you when you first enter the listing, it does not and cannot automatically update them for you when those figures change. Nevertheless, this routine remains an important manual operation for REALTORS® to complete the beginning of each year.