An Update on MLS Listing Syndication

As was detailed in a March 15 post to members, the Columbus and Central Ohio Regional MLS has a long-standing policy that the only destinations to which member listing data is sent in total for public display is and to members’ websites for use in IDX display.

That policy was reaffirmed by the MLS Board of Directors at its March meeting. While the Board did reaffirm the policy, they do want members to know there definitely are ways any broker can get their own listings to other national websites.  

In the March 15 article, it was relayed that MLS staff had identified three avenues, and below is an update on that information:

1. MLS-approved third party vendors/developers. There are several who have confirmed with MLS that they can provide this as an automated service.  
Boom Town                                                   (888) 373-9072
Commissions Inc.                                          (855) 259-7277
Constellation Web Solutions                         (425) 636-6910 
Delta Media Group                                        (866) 233-9833
IDX, Inc. (IDX, LLC)                                   (800) 421-9668
Superlative                                                    (800) 585-3275

2. Direct Brokerage feed, and there are some brokerages we know have internal technology resources and have established their own connections.

3. Manual entry of listings through a third-party vendor/developer that syndicates. Please note that the future viability of manual entry of listings to some websites is in question. 

An Additional Important Update
The leadership of the Columbus Independent Brokers Association (IBA) has informed us that their search on behalf of their members for a syndication solution led them to IDX, Inc (or IDX, LLC) as an already MLS-approved third-party vendor/developer capable of providing automated syndication at what they consider an attractive price. More about the IBA's solution may be found at the IBA website.

Note that there may be other third-party vendors/developers forthcoming; and, whatever vendor/developer a broker chooses, they must file a request form (available from MLS) to authorize the vendor/developer to access and obtain their listing data from MLS.

For questions about authorizing access to your MLS listing data contact MLS Director Bryan Dean at (614) 498-1012.