New MLS Board of Directors selected

A new MLS Board of Directors was established, separate from the association Board of Directors, to oversee the operations of the Columbus and Central Ohio Multiple Listing Service.

This new governing body was designed to represent the major MLS stakeholders.

The make-up of the new governing body will include the following:

  • Shareholder officers (1 collective vote)
  • Shareholder CEO
  • MLS or COCIE broker participants from:
    • Firms with 10% of the MLS activity
    • Aggregate firms (franchises) with 10% MLS activity
    • COCIE Representative
    • Broker Council
    • Delaware County
    • Licking County
  • Any elected shareholder member who is an MLS or COCIE broker participant not represented above

As such, the individuals below were elected to serve on the MLS Board of Directors for 2017:

The following shall collectively share one vote:
    1. 2017 President Mic Gordon
    2. 2017 President-elect Sara Walsh
    3. 2017 Treasurer John Myers
    4. 2017 Secretary Andy Mills
The following nominee who shall have one vote:
    5. CEO Stan Collins
2017 Columbus REALTORS® Board member nominees qualified by their status as a broker participant of MLS or COCIE, and who shall have one vote each:
    6. 2017 Immediate Past President John Royer
    7. JP Faulkner
    8. At-large appointee Buffie Patterson
Nominees qualified based on representing 10% or more of total MLS activity for the period October 1, 2015 through September 30, 2016, who shall have one vote each:
    9. Broker of Coldwell Banker King-Thompson Jerry White
   10. Broker of HER Matthew Watercutter
   11. Broker representative for central Ohio RE/MAX franchisees Jan Johnson
   12. Broker representative for central Ohio Keller Williams franchisees Lorri Molnar
Nominees submitted by the REALTOR® associations holding regional membership in the MLS:
   13. From the Delaware County Board of REALTORS®, Broker Mike Forman
   14. From the Licking County Board of REALTORS®, Broker Don Ellington

Note: There is one Director nominee from the Columbus REALTORS® Board yet to be determined, and who will be presented for election at a subsequent meeting:
   15. From the Broker Advisory Council, Broker Andrew Show

The MLS Board of Directors will meet regularly beginning in January 2017.