More Wire Fraud cases in central Ohio

Columbus REALTORS® was recently made aware of another local title company losing in excess of $200,000. We are aware of actual losses to the Central Ohio real estate industry in excess of $1.5 million within the last year while hundreds of unsuccessful attempts were also made.

These wire fraud scams continue to haunt our industry as we are low hanging fruit. 

Last night WBNS, Channel 10 highlighted the story with our Affiliate Committee Chair, Scott Stevenson and the FBI’s Dan Leeper. Watch the story here.

Wire fraud prevention tips:

  • Verify all wiring instructions prior to ever sending money
  • Communicate, via telephone, with all parties of the transaction when documents and especially money transfers of any kind are sent and/or received
  • Do not open unsolicited attachments as part a transaction OR if it’s a referral (we’ve seen cases where “out of state agents” send referral emails with attachments and they’re really criminals trying to install malware on your computer)

If you or a colleague have fallen victim to a possible wire fraud, please report the instance to the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center

If there was some kind of loss involved, please contact local Dan Leeper, Supervisory Special Agent with the Columbus office of the FBI office immediately at (614) 849-1827.

This scam is hitting almost ALL aspects of our industry: commercial, residential, consumers (both buyers and sellers), title companies, lenders, etc.