Flex Mail Update to New Email System

The long-awaited conversion to the new Flex email system has arrived. All MLS email on Flex will move to the new system on Wednesday, March 18. The approximate time for the conversion to take place will be 8pm.  Expect email "anomalies" during the day and evening of March 18 as the conversion progresses.  No downtime or system inaccessibility is expected.

Known Issue to Expect:

A known issue that has been reported with previous conversions is duplication of some emails sent from the MLS. Since there will effectively be 2 email systems working at the same time during the conversion, you and your client may receive the email notice twice (once from the old and once from the new email system).

Benefits of the new Flexmls email system:

The new FBS email system will make all email work with the "notify checkbox" that appeared on the contact manager last month. Until the conversion, only ASAP email recognized additional email on the contact manager. Only the first, primary email address would receive notifications if Weekly or Monthly email notification was selected. On March 19, all email will recognize the notify checkbox and send to all "notify-selected" listings.

Another feature with the new email system will be the way listings are delivered to your client. The "newsfeed" delivery used by the ASAP email will now be used for all Auto email from flex. That basically means that the email sent to the client will contain a link as it always has. The link will now take the client to a Flex page that lists the last 200 listings that were emailed to the client, with the most recent listings at the top. This is the same as the current function for ASAP email.

The new system will also show all sent email from ASAP, Weekly, and Monthly email sent to clients on the My Sent Email page where you will be able to click a link to view the listings sent to your contact.

The Inbox, at the top of the menu in client portals and when working on behalf of a client, will now show all listings that have been sent to your contact via auto email (currently it only shows those listings sent via ASAP auto email). The number next to the Inbox indicates the number of listings that the contact has not viewed; these listings are referred to as Unread. When your contact clicks on the Inbox, they will see only Unread listings by default. Unread Listings become flagged as Read once the contact has clicked to view the Detail tab for the listing. The contact can also manually mark Unread Listings as read by clicking the Mark All As Read button when viewing listings in the Inbox. If your contact would like to see all listings sent via auto email in the Inbox, they can select All from the Notifications drop down menu.

As of March 19 after conversion, all sent email will be unified on the new email system.

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