Flex Full CMA Gets a Facelift: New Design, Charts, Now Generates PDF

On May 30, Flexmls CMAs will have a new look and several improvements. The changes will include: New Design– the new format includes larger text, photos, and maps; New Charts – two new Price Analysis charts are available: List, Sold and Adjusted Prices and Low, Average, Median and High Prices; Automatic PDF – to ensure optimized appearance for printing and emailing, the CMAs will be automatically created as PDF files when possible.

New Design

When you create CMAs in Flexmls, they will display a larger photo of the subject property, a larger map, larger font, and updated color schemes for the headers and text. These changes are intended to make your CMAs more readable, attractive, and professional looking.


Just as before, you can adjust the color scheme on the Finish tab. With the new design, the color scheme controls the color of the headings, headers, and footers–the background will remain white.


New Charts 

There are two new Price Analysis charts available that provide a quick, visual comparison of price statistics: List, Sold, and Adjusted Prices and Low, Average, Median and Low, Average, Median, and High Prices. These charts can be added to the CMA on the Finish tab if Statistical Summary is checked. To include the charts in your CMA, check the Display Charts option.

List, Sold, and Adjusted Prices
The List, Sold, and Adjusted Prices chart will only display if you’ve included Closed listings in your comps. It shows the List Price, Sold Price, and Adjusted Price for the first eight closed comps (as arranged in the Comps tab). If you do not have any adjustments, the Adjusted Price data points will reflect the listing’s Closed Price.

If your CMA includes Low, High and Recommended Price for the subject property, they will also be shown on the chart.

Low, Average, Median, and High chart
If your CMA includes Closed listings, the Low, Average, Median, and High chart will show Sold Price statistics for the comps that are Closed in relation to the Low, High, and Recommended List Price for the subject property. 


Please note, if your CMA does not include Closed comps, the chart will still display. It will include List Price statistics for Active comps only. If your CMA does not include Closed or Active comps, the chart will display List Price statistics for all comps.

Automatic PDF

The CMA report will be delivered in PDF format when possible to provide consistent appearance. This helps solve the problem of inconsistencies among browsers, printers and operating systems in how they print web pages. In PDF format, the CMA you present to your clients will look the same as the CMA you email to them.

When there are too many comps in a CMA to generate and deliver a PDF report, the report will be delivered as a web page that you can print or email. Note that some browsers (e.g. Edge and Chrome) are able to save web pages as PDF documents for download to your computer.