2017 Columbus Ohio regional home sales statistics release schedule

Jan. 24 - 2016 housing report
Feb. 22 - January housing report
Mar. 22 - February housing report
Apr. 21 - March housing report
May 24 - April housing report
June 21 - May housing report
July 24 - June housing report
Aug. 24 - July housing report
Sept. 20 - August housing report
Oct. 20 - September housing report
Nov. 21 - October housing report
Dec. 20 - November housing report

Above dates coincide with the National Association of REALTORS® News Release Schedule

News Results

2017 Director Election

2017 Director Election

This year's Director election will be held online from Nov. 7-14, 2017.  The ballot will include election of four (4) REALTOR® members (elected for 3-year terms) beginning 1/1/18.


Certified Real Estate Mentor (CREM) Designation Course Debut

Recognizing the need for a mentorship program, the new CREM designation course centers on ensuring that knowledge, experience, and wisdom are passed down from generation to generation.


Year in Review - 2017

Learn, Earn & Give Back has been our mantra throughout the year and has guided our journey as we navigated through a variety of issues and challenges. Checkout what’s been accomplished this year!

Columbus REALTORS® e-notes for November 3, 2017

Columbus REALTORS® e-notes for November 3, 2017

Reminder - Director Election approaching; Foundation Luncheon is 11/16; YPN Mastermind: Past President's panel is 11/9; Costco REALTOR® Appreciation Event is today; Despite Odds, Ownership Rate Moves Higher; When to Drop Your Listing Price; How Your Attractiveness Affects the Sale; Simple Comforts Every Houseguest Will Adore You For and more.


To be grateful is to be happy

President Mic reflects on how this year will forever be remembered as a year of growth both personally and professionally.


Supporting Columbus REALTORS®: Columbus REALTORS® Benevolence Fund

We are a giving industry, volunteering our time, energy, and hard-earned money to help others, but where can we turn when we are the ones facing the adversity? The Columbus REALTORS® Benevolence Fund.  


COCIE working to provide members the best information exchange service

Excited about what we’ve accomplished and what’s in store for the soon approaching year 2018!


Pay it Forward Every Day!

As REALTORS®, we know we are not just selling homes; we are selling the community and to ensure our community's bright future and to ultimately protect our bottom lines, we must be aggressive, committing to ‘paying it forward’ every day.


Member Perspectives -- Mentors

Here members discuss mentoring and the person or persons who have been the most influential in guiding their careers in real estate.