2017 Columbus Ohio regional home sales statistics release schedule

Jan. 24 - 2016 housing report
Feb. 22 - January housing report
Mar. 22 - February housing report
Apr. 21 - March housing report
May 24 - April housing report
June 21 - May housing report
July 24 - June housing report
Aug. 24 - July housing report
Sept. 20 - August housing report
Oct. 20 - September housing report
Nov. 21 - October housing report
Dec. 20 - November housing report

Above dates coincide with the National Association of REALTORS® News Release Schedule

News Results

Columbus REALTORS® e-notes for October 13, 2017

Columbus REALTORS® e-notes for October 13, 2017

Sales Associates Day is this Monday; UAV/UAS "Drones and Real Estate Marketing" (How to Get It Right and Stay Off CNN); Most Common Contingencies Buyers Request; Mortgage Fraud Is Back on the Rise; 8 Ways to Make Yourself a More Likable Agent; 7 Dangerous Practices You Think Are Safe; How to Shop for a Retro Kitchen — and Not Get Stuck with Junk and more.

Columbus REALTORS® e-notes for October 6, 2017

Columbus REALTORS® e-notes for October 6, 2017

Two huge changes to the sales awards; Factors Most Influential on Home Values; SEC Warns REcoin Cryptocurrency Is a Fraud; Home Lot Sizes Shrink to New Low; 3 Facebook Tools to Maximize Lead Generation; Flip, Rent, or Hold: The Best Investment Option; 5 Fall Maintenance Tips to Share With Clients and more.

Columbus REALTORS® e-notes for September 29, 2017

Columbus REALTORS® e-notes for September 29, 2017

2017 County Reappraisals due out soon; Discounted Cameron Mitchell gift cards have returned; 5 things buyers should never compromise on; Basics of a must-read real estate newsletter; Sync your email and direct mail marketing; ‘Realtor’ in social media user names; Can you afford that? 6 easy ways to find out and more.


2017 County Reappraisals

Four central Ohio counties will have property values reappraised in 2017 to determine real estate taxes: Franklin, Delaware, Licking and Pickaway.


Sexennial Revaluations - The Rest of the Story

A topic on everyone’s mind today, and one real estate licensees should understand in representing buyers and sellers alike, is how property taxes are determined.  This is particularly true in central Ohio, considering the reappraisals recently completed in Delaware, Franklin and Pickaway Counties.


Answering your Reappraisal Questions

Franklin County Auditor's staff addressed the 2017 reappraisal process and answered tax questions on what you and your clients need to know.

Columbus REALTORS® e-notes for September 8, 2017

Columbus REALTORS® e-notes for September 8, 2017

YPN Scavenger Hunt is 9/19; Reappraisal Questions? What You Need to Know; 
Safety Concern Common Among Agents; Safety Concern Common Among Agents; Don't miss At Home with Diversity on 9/14; Study: Use Articles to Educate to Drive Sales; Loan Demand Rebounds on Lower Rates; 7 Smart Strategies for Bathroom Remodeling and more.


How to help victims of Hurricane Harvey

Our hearts go out to the tens of thousands of families who have been displaced by catastrophic storms on the Texas coastline. Officials are calling Hurricane Harvey and the subsequent flooding, one of the most epic storms in our nation's history.

Columbus REALTORS® e-notes for August 25, 2017

Columbus REALTORS® e-notes for August 25, 2017

Inventory Creeps up; Call for Action - Pass the 21st Century Flood Reform Act; At Home with Diversity is 9/14; New Program to Help Buyers Bypass Appraisals; Could Value Range Pricing Become a Thing; Report: Kids Have Big Say in Real Estate; You Could Be Wrecking Your Home — And Not Know It (Yet) and more.


Question & Answers from this week’s Broker Forum

Thirty five brokers and managers attended the Broker/Manager Forum on August 22nd to hear a panel discussion of best practices for multiple offer situations, contemporaneous offers, disclosures required by FIRPTA, and to hear an update on cyber fraud security measures.  The panel, moderated by past president Charlotte Van Steyn, included Bob Kutschbach, Andrew Show, Stacy McVey, Joe Barone, and Vice-President for Government Affairs Brent Swander.