2015 Clareity MLS Satisfaction Survey

I wanted to take a moment and share with you the results of the 2015 Clareity MLS Satisfaction Survey. This report is done annually and was utilized during the MLS vendor selection process in 2013. Our MLS vendor, FBS and their Flexmls product, continues to rank highly. Below is the summary that they provided for the FBS results:

FBS’s Flexmls has historically enjoyed high satisfaction ratings and has repeated this in
2015 with the second highest satisfaction of all the major systems. Flexmls gets high
marks for stability and availability, for communication with its customers, and even for
customizability, an area where many other products made a worse showing. Perhaps
the only area where the “excellent” ratings did not exceed 60% was in vendor
responsiveness to feature requests, where respondents were equally split between
“good” and “excellent.” Commenters pointed to a need to refresh the user interface, the
contact manager, and the email system. Although FBS now offers responsive design
and smartphone apps, about which customers are very happy, one MLS executive
commented that, “while options are available, full functionality is still PC-based.” In
general, respondents are very happy with the customer service offered, but wish that
there were more dedicated staff support and one noted that “occasionally it appears
[support staff] don’t read the email before responding.” Still, Flexmls is a satisfaction
leader and FBS is doing many things exceptionally well.

I believe I speak for most if not all the staff here when I say that we would concur with the results though I think our overall satisfaction level was even higher than some of the other respondents to the survey. Some of the comments that others left may not be 100% accurate and would seem to solely based on their perceptions. We will be sharing this later on this week or next in the e-Notes sent to the entire membership but I wanted to make sure you had a chance to review the document first. 

View Survey report here.