Commercial real estate, what do you need to know?

When you’re working with commercial real estate clients, what do you need to know? Do you prepare for your presentation? Have you researched and studied the market? Are you prepared?

Your plans are made. Are you ready to make the connections between you in creating a client relationship? Do you know what you need to know?

In real estate there are many factors that must be considered. One of the important factors between you and a client is Cognitive Trust. With many specific fields in commercial practice, do you know that you can do the job? Does your client feel confident that you will do the job?

The Commercial Education Committee focuses on cognitive trust. Cognitive Trust is just what you think it is, knowledge. That’s what our committee does, we provide knowledge! Throughout the year the committee focuses on quality commercial CE classes. Each quarter expect to see two to three commercial CE classes, which may be one- or two-hour lunch & learns, or a three-hour lecture-style class. If you like the word free, please note that each year commercial real estate core classes, Commercial Law, Commercial Ethics and Commercial Civil Rights, are offered free to both our commercial and residential membership. I like that word, let’s say it one more time, free!

Our focus is raising membership professionalism which benefits everyone. In establishing a class selection, we look at what is relevant within our communities and what are the expressed class needs from our membership which have been identified through the CE class evaluation forms.

Here are a few of the commercial education classes held already this year, 2018:

  • Commercial Civil Rights, with instructor Sally Steiner, First American Title
  • Community Series: Getting to know Grove City
  • 1031 Exchanges, with instructor Scott Stevenson, Northwest Title.
  • Drones & Real Estate Marketing, with instructor Dennis Fisher, Rapid Aerial

Here is what to expect for the balance of the year, watch for the posted calendar dates.

Investment Properties and Commercial Real Estate Financing: A class that will teach the principles of evaluating commercial properties, types of commercial financing, and how lenders view the investment.

SBA Loans: This class will teach how the SBA helps small businesses get loans. How the SBA works and set guidelines for loans made by its partnering lenders, community development organizations.

Community Series, Getting to Know: Through the coordinated efforts of Brent Swander, who has organized many of our surrounding community’s leaders to share their growth plan that have created a powerful impact through commercial development and how this impact has stimulated residential development. Want to know what is going on in central Ohio? Watch for upcoming programs in Gahanna, Whitehall, Columbus and more. Learn about what’s currently going on in your local communities and what are their future growth plans.

Commercial Real Estate Internship: This program was successfully launched this spring through the coordinated efforts and leadership of Dan Sheeran, Jr. This internship program introduces local college students to the various careers that exist in commercial real estate. If you are a commercial brokerage or appraisal firm seeking temporary assistance in marketing, research, information technology and more, please reach out to Dan. Request the resumes of these talented college students. You may be providing an opportunity for tomorrow’s active members and leaders in commercial real estate. Call Dan Sherran, Jr. at (614) 625-5528 or

Wow, next on the list, the committee is excited to present to you one of the highest sought-after CE education classes in 2018. Yes, you’ve spoken, we have had multiple requests for this class, so open your calendars to mark the date. For the first time, the Columbus REALTORS® Commercial Education Committee in conjunction with Residential Education Committee, Louise Potter, Chair, will present to you, coming this fall, a specific class on Negotiations.

Mark your calendars, we now have scheduled for this fall, Monday Oct. 15, 2018, Commercial Negotiations and Tuesday Oct. 16, 2018, Residential Negotiations. The negotiation classes will both qualify for four hours of CE.

National Speaker from Dynamic Directions, Linda St. Peter, will guide you through “What is Negotiable,” “Concepts that influence Decisions,” “Negotiating Styles, Yours and Others,” case studies and more. Seating is limited, so watch for it when it is posted on Columbus REALTORS® web site. Lunch will be provided and, best of all, a negotiated value of only $40 per licensee.

In real estate you never stop learning, you just continue to raise the level of your professionalism, or shall I say, cognitive trust. We have all heard the saying, “Knowledge is Power.” It is not given, its earned. Through the commercial educational programs, it is our objective to raise the standards of commercial professionalism.

The commercial education programs are open to both the commercial practitioner as well as the residential agent seeking to provide commercial real estate services, improving their area of competency, and who wishes to become more informed of commercial practices.

On the shoulders of many, do we achieve success. The year is not over and there is more to accomplish, but I would like to conclude by thanking our entire Commercial Education Committee for their input, our subcommittee participation and the sharing of their valuable time accomplishing the committee goals and, of course, our Staff Liaison, Lucy Buzzee. Thank you!

If you have an interest in a specific class or if you know of an instructor who would enjoy teaching a commercial class, please reach out to me.

To learn more about the Commercial Education Committee or to share your comments, please contact me at (614) 944-5988 or or Staff Liaison Lucy Buzzee as (614) 475-4000 or