If not YOU, then who?

When I was young, my mother shared her experiences with me as life lessons. Always buried in the story was an educational, ethical or moral nugget of knowledge to carry in my mental encyclopedia for life. One nugget that she shared many times from her life in politics as a grassroots volunteer is that sometimes the best candidate is not the smartest but the person who can assemble the best team. 

This philosophy reaches beyond politics. This ideology includes builders who utilize great subcontractors, the new little league coach with tremendously talented players or Neal Armstrong and The Apollo 11 team and the other 400,000 engineers, scientist and technicians who supported the “giant leap.” It’s about the team!

With this thought in mind, I ask “Why not you?” Your participation on an Association committee or time spent at an event could change the direction of a decision or help coach a future leader. We need you on the Columbus REALTORS® “team.”

Most of us have read or been told of the countless benefits of volunteering. The stories of increasing emotional stability, the feeling of a greater sense of purpose, finding happiness with an increase in mental or physical health by boosting your immune system and the bonus of cultivating new friendships. Maybe we find ourselves well balanced, healthy and surrounded by many great friends. Volunteering presents even more than those benefits. Volunteering offers your opinions and your talents in governing where our future is moving.

The benefits of diversity, demographically as well as diversity of thought, on a board or committee is immense. Each one of us can lend a viewpoint from diverse backgrounds, offer different skill sets and share unique perspectives and experiences.

We all have options on how we spend our time and use our talents. Whether you help with a one-day project (REALTOR® Care Day Committee); want to learn more real estate legalese (Standard Forms Committee); are tech-savvy (Business Technology Forum); do best by donation (CORPAC Fundraising Committee); are more social (Foundation Fundraising Committee), or work to support socioeconomic diversity (Affordable Housing Committee), Columbus REALTORS® provides an opportunity to invest your time and talents to affect the lives of others. 
This is our industry, our Association, our community and our future. Whether you offer one hour every week, one hour once a month or volunteer only once a year, I hope YOU will take a few minutes to make a connection while making a big difference. I pose the question, “If not you, then who?”