MLS News -- September/October 2017

MLS Software Operations Report

1. Customizable Menus in Flexmls Live – Old Menus Removed July 27, 2017

a. Originally released on June 27.
b. Was optional for 30 days.
c. Became required for all users on July 27.

2. Realist – Champaign county Tax District bug corrected

a. Champaign county was recently added to Realist.
b. Bug existed in Champaign county only: Tax District displays only first letter (K vs.
c. Realist has since resolved the issue.

3. Internet Explorer printing bug resolved – June 27, 2017

a. Only Internet Explorer on Windows was affected.
b. Printing from Flexmls and other sites was broken by a Microsoft update.
c. A “file not found” message or a blank page would print.
d. Microsoft published a cumulative update on June 27 that fixed the IE printing issue.

4. Contact Management Design Change – Aug. 3, 2017

a. No functionality is changed, only design.
b. Menus redesigned to be more adaptive to different browser widths.
c. Additional design changes and new functionality coming in the future to contact

5. Residential Sub-Type field must be modified per RESO

a. RESO requires Single Family Residence and Condominium.
b. Does not allow for Shared Wall and Freestanding within the Sub-Type field.
c. Additional fields will be added for Build-to-Suit, Shared Wall, and Freestanding.
d. These changes will guarantee direct RESO mapping.

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Mobile Homes on MLS – Proper Use of Other Residential and Manufactured Housing Selections

Mobile Homes entered into the MLS must:

  1. Select one of the two “Other Residential” options in the Sub-Type field.
  2. Mark “YES” in the Manufactured Housing Y/N field.

Mobile homes entered on the MLS can no longer select “single family freestanding” in Sub-Type.  This policy was changed as of February 2017. Selection of “YES” in the Manufactured Housing Y/N field will also cause six additional Manufactured Housing-specific fields to appear such as Make, Model, and Year. 

Virtually Staged Photos: New policy on Virtual Staging as of June 1, 2017:

  1. Must state in a clear and reasonably sized font on the image the phrase “Virtually Staged”.
  2. The unaltered photo must appear directly before or after the virtually staged photo so the two views can easily be compared.
  3. May only be used for the interior of an existing structure.
  4. Cannot be used for Build-to-Suit or Under Construction properties.

Accessibility Features Worksheet must now be uploaded and attached to the listing
As of July 1, 2017, the Accessibility Features worksheet will be required and must be attached to the listing when Yes is selected in the Accessible Features Y/N field. Previously, completion of the worksheet was required but the worksheet was not required to be uploaded with the listing. Failure to upload/attach the Accessibility Features Worksheet will be a Tier 1 fine (with warning) if the field Accessibility Features Y/N = Yes but the form is not attached. 

Questions? Please feel free to contact the MLS department at (614) 475-4000 or e-mail:

History now shows full text of Property Description and A2A field changes
As of Aug. 2, 2017, the MLS listing history has been expanded to show the full text of a listing that has been modified.  The original text will be displayed on the listing history under the “Old Value” label.  To avoid redundant storage of mass amounts of text, the full modified text will not be displayed in the “New Value” section since it still exists on the listing itself.

Previous to this change, only the first 30 characters of these text fields was displayed on history.  The history report will necessarily be longer due to the amount of text that is now displayed.

Contingent listings now expire on Expiration Date
Listings that are in any of the three Contingent statuses (Escape, Financing and Inspection, Lien Release) will now expire on their expiration date.  This policy change has been approved by the MLS Committee and Board of Directors.  Previously, listings in Contingent status would ignore the expiration date and remain in that status indefinitely.  The listing agent should receive an e-mail notice that their listing is nearing the expiration date, same as active listings.