What a great year to have an impact on legislation!

First, a big thanks to all those who support CORPAC — our Central Ohio REALTORS® Political Action Committee. Your contributions are the lifeblood of our CORPAC Governing Board. They allow us to have a seat at the table when local legislative issues come about that impact our industry.

For those who don’t realize the importance of what we do to help preserve private property rights, you’re encouraged to have a conversation with Brent Swander, our VP of Government Affairs or any member of the CORPAC Governing Board or CORPAC Fundraising Committee. 

You’re also encouraged to visit our newest addition to Columbus REALTORS® — the CORPAC Honor Society located on the lobby walls as you enter the association offices. Those members on the wall can also be a valuable resource to learn how you can help impact our industry through CORPAC.

If you’re not already a contributor, one simple way to help us all is to simply not uncheck the box to voluntarily contribute, when paying your annual dues.

This year, your CORPAC Governing Board has started with professional development. We’ve all undergone extensive training including review of our by-laws, understanding CORPAC and our National equivalent, RPAC.

We’ve learned about issues surrounding PAC fundraising, the disbursement process, contribution limits, PAC grants, and the all important selection of REALTOR® champions through our candidate interview process.

This was our effort to help elevate the Association and put us on track to maintain a reputation for being the “Best of the Best” of REALTOR® associations across the country.

This year, we were also engaged in the very impactful consideration of real estate signs. In Reed vs. Gilbert, et al., the U.S. Supreme Court mandated that local government have a position on how to regulate signage. While the issue primarily impacts our commercial members, it’s an industry wide issue that can impact us all.

As a board, we’ve conscientiously decided how to best allocate our investment dollars by strategically contributing to campaigns and issues that impact our members and the continued protection of private property rights for consumers.

In late August, we conducted candidate interviews, one of our most important roles as your CORPAC Governing Board. Through this process, we develop questions for local candidates which help us determine if candidates are generally supportive of real estate matters.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve as Chair of your 2017 CORPAC Governing Board.