Accessibility Features Worksheet Must Now Be Attached – Beginning July 1

Beginning July 1, 2017, the Accessibility Features worksheet will be required and must be attached to the listing when Yes is selected in the Accessible Features Y/N field. This requirement is for any property with Accessibility Features.  

Previously, completion of the worksheet was required but the worksheet was not required to be uploaded with the listing.  Wording on the Add/edit screen help text will be updated to reflect that the form must now be uploaded to the listing in the MLS as an attached document.

Failure to upload/attach the Accessibility Features Worksheet will be a Tier 1 fine (with warning) if the field Accessibility Features Y/N = Yes but the form is not attached.  Please complete and upload the Accessibility Features worksheet to your existing listings or correct the selection in the Accessibility Features Y/N field if the property does not have Accessibility Features.