CORPAC Class Reunion – CORPAC Auction!

No one knows a neighborhood like a REALTOR® and no one knows the unique needs of those living in and doing business in that neighborhood quite like a REALTOR®.

REALTORS® are often more familiar with the immediate housing needs of a community than those elected to represent the general welfare of all residents; thus REALTORS® are part of the political process in a unique and important way — serving as the ‘voice’ of the community.

As CORPAC co-chairs, we often hear members say they don’t like politics or don’t see the connection to real estate, but the fact is politics is our business. REALTORS® are the front-line defenders of real estate issues, and are constantly facing strong headwinds from all directions, including increases in property taxes, healthcare costs, taxes on services, impact fees, and health of local schools.

Without an organized voice to speak on REALTORS® behalf, elected officials may not hear the important information needed to make the best decision on a housing issue that will impact your business.

Happily, REALTORS® have the REALTORS® Political Action Committee (RPAC) at the state and federal levels of government advocating for REALTORS® and their clients every day. Columbus REALTORS® members are even more fortunate to have their own PAC locally, the Central Ohio REALTORS® Political Action Committee (CORPAC).

CORPAC harnesses the collective power of over 7,500 Columbus REALTORS® voices together to support local candidates and issues that may (positively or negatively) impact the real estate transaction.

As we head into another competitive election cycle, we encourage you to remember — ‘If you aren’t in the room, you’re on the menu’ — CORPAC ensures REALTORS® are always in the room and we need your help to maintain its strength.

It doesn’t take much! Contributing just $20 with your annual REALTOR® dues has major impact — as of April 2, 2017, 157 individual members have contributed via their dues, amounting to $43,118 for the 2017 CORPAC fundraising campaign.

There are many ways to give to CORPAC throughout the year, including attending and bidding on the nearly 130 auction items expected at this year’s CORPAC Auction.

Quickly approaching on Thursday, May 25, 2017, this year’s event runs from 6:00-8:30p at Walter’s Commons at St. Charles Preparatory School and features a class reunion theme.

Entry to the event is $35 and includes parking and heavy hors d'oeuvres (cash bar available). A group rate is available, 10 tickets for $325. Tickets may be purchased online at or by contacting a committee member or CORPAC staff at (614) 475-4000.

CORPAC Class Reunion Schedule:

  • 6p – Doors & Silent Auction Items Open
  • 7:15p – Live Auction (hosted by Auction Ohio, licensed auctioneers)
  • 8:15p – Silent Auction Closes
  • 8:30p – End

Note: Thanks to last year’s success, CORPAC will be utilizing mobile app bidding once again for silent auction items, more details to follow!
The Auction is the best way to showcase your business, please refer to our Auction flyer on page 5 of the May/June In Contract or contact Ida Seitter, Director of Development, at (614) 475-4000, or for more information on sponsorship options or how to donate an auction item.

Help us defeat some common CORPAC misconceptions…

  •  CORPAC is non-partisan. No really it is! CORPAC does NOT favor one party — our only special interest is home ownership. From 1994-2016, 49.3 percent of local campaign contributions went to Republican candidates and 50.7 percent went to Democrats.
  • One donation = three levels of representation and 33 percent of all REALTOR® member contributions remain with CORPAC locally, 67 percent is forwarded to the REALTORS® Political Action Committee (RPAC) for use at the state and national level.
  • Non-REALTOR® affiliate members make local impact! 100 percent of non-REALTOR® member contributions remain with CORPAC for use locally.
  • Our only special interest is YOU and your client. Contributions to CORPAC go towards supporting candidates who best align with the REALTOR® parties goal to protect home ownership and private property rights.
  • CORPAC relies on members to tell us what is important. CORPAC identifies key races and ballot issues that may impact the industry each election cycle, but we can’t be everywhere! Let CORPAC staff know if you have an issue locally.
  • We support REALTOR® candidates! Have you considered running for office? CORPAC wholly supports Columbus REALTORS® members interested in elected office; consult with CORPAC staff to discover available resources!
  • CORPAC Governing Board interviews local candidates. All candidates interview in front of the CORPAC Governing Board prior to financial support. Comprised of CORPAC major investors and Columbus REALTORS® leadership, the Governing Board asks candidates the tough questions.
  • CORPAC advocates for your business every day, 365 days a year. CORPAC staff continually monitors pending legislation that may impact the industry.
  • It is the legislation you DON’T hear about! Much like an insurance policy, CORPAC supporters pay a little now to avoid larger loss in the future. Ex.: CORPAC is currently working with the City of Columbus to implement required sign ordinance changes, without causing burden to REALTOR® members (particularly those in the commercial sector).

But don’t forget… the easiest way to support is by contributing $20 with your annual dues. Don’t rely on another REALTOR® to support in your place, donate to CORPAC today!

For more information or to become a CORPAC investor visit: