Columbus and Knox County REALTORS® Form Key Box and MLS Reciprocity

This week the Knox County Board of REALTORS® and Columbus REALTORS® formed an agreement to make electronic key box and MLS services available to each other’s subscribers under a reciprocity agreement advantageous to the members of both associations.    

What the agreement means:  
  • Without a reciprocal agreement, a broker’s access to an MLS requires all agents with the broker become paid subscribers to that MLS.  The reciprocity agreement changes that, meaning only the broker and those agents who desire access to the other’s MLS are subject to fees.  
  • The MLS Broker Application Fee will be waived for brokers joining either MLS within the first 30 days of the agreement, or by Friday, June 2.
  • When combined with MLS reciprocity, key box reciprocity provides that key subscribers of each association can have the security access code of the other’s key system embedded in their key without being subject to the other association’s key fees.    
  • Members are reminded that under the reciprocal agreement, they are required to abide by the Rules and Regulations governing the use of the other’s service, including any security procedures; and, that key reciprocity by itself does not automatically include an offer of compensation in cooperative sales.  Compensation between brokers should be agreed upon prior to writing an offer, unless both brokers are members of the MLS in which the property is located. 
Important note:
  • Because both key system databases must be transferred to the same computer system, key reciprocity will not be in effect until after May 23rd.  After that date a Knox County Display key will open a Columbus key box, and a Columbus Display key will require only a simple program update performed by the Columbus REALTORS® Key Box Administrator.  To access a Knox County key box with an e-Key requires use of a FOB available through the Columbus REALTORS® Member Service Center.  

Contact Membership Coordinator Brandi Mrugacz (614) 475-4000 for information about subscribing to the Columbus REALTORS® key system or MLS. 

Contact EO Jeri Scott at or (740) 392-8490 or Martha Edelblute at (740) 398-8089 for information about subscribing to the Knox County Board of REALTORS® key system or MLS.